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Sell Me, You Beautiful Bastard, Sell Me!

Posted by Robyn / November 12, 2005

Oh, crap, I've fallen for an ad. An ad for television sets I'm so far from being in the market for, I'm, certainly, over an hour away by public transit from that market. Sony, the persuasive bastards, hired the right ad guys.

Go ahead, click on "The Work" and then on "Sony Br@via" and behold the sick dream some of us creative types have on hungover days, when we realize we spent at minimum $20 more than we should've the night before and, fuck, that means oatmeal for dinner tonight and our own damn company. The sick/beautiful dream of working in some advertising-company utopia where creativity is honoured and, ohgod we're all biting our lips in ectasy here, paid well for. Yes, but No, and Yes: it's so pretty, all those (reportedly 250,000) brightly coloured bouncing balls and that music - José González' "Heartbeats." Even the ad company is cute. Of course, there's the option of bypassing the creators and going straight to the product for full-screen version at Either way, I'm totally sold. On something.

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