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WORLD CUP 2006 Montreal-Style

Posted by Robyn / June 10, 2006

Okay, I don't have long to write b/c I'm watching World Cup 2006 football/soccer and there are 3 games a day and then 4 games and this is ALMOST EVERY DAY, people, for a MONTH. It's gonna get crazy. A lot of work is NOT going to get done. Are you IN? Do you wanna GET IN? It's not hard. It's a fantastic spectator sport, THE WORLD is doing it, and it's great fun, so why not.

BBC's World Cup page can help. The Brits are crazy for the football. They've even got a fabulous printable wall chart (in pdf - with British times, but that's easy enough to change (-5 hrs)). The FIFA site features all kinds of info on teams, players, schedules, history, etc etc. They've got up-to-the-minute updates on scores too, plus pictures and video of completed games. Figuring out who to root for is kind of a personal thing, obviously, but somehow it's pretty easy to figure out.

So, now you've got the fever, as they say, where are you going to watch all these games? Where are you going to let your manic soccer fan self free? Well, walk around any Montreal neighbourhood and if there are strings of little flags hanging in a cafe, bar, restaurant, store, alleyway, anywhere, that means it's a soccer zone.

In Mile End, a lot of people will be crowded into Olympico and Club Social on St. Viateur, and up St. Laurent, in Little Italy, practically every cafe has a big screen. I hear that the Green Room (5390 St Laurent) will also be showing all the games. I'm still sussing out the scene, but I've noticed Portugese cafes/clubs/restaurants are into it, as are many South American places (obv this encompasses A LOT but I'm in a rush here, Sweden is playing Trinidad and Tobago. It's pretty good!) Montreal offers so many choices. We will all find the place we need to be for soccer-watching, I have faith.

Of course, if you have cable tv, you can watch at home. Sadly, there are all kinds of stipulations on who can broadcast the games, and while BBC is offering them online, that's only viable for UK residents/ip addresses (the proxy route doesn't seem to be working well - they've cracked down. It's pretty ridiculous.) If you search around though, you might find a viable online route to soccer. sayin'. It's more fun to watch with other people though, I have to say.

Games for the next week or so are on at 9am, noon, and 3pm, and then starting on June 20, 10am and 3pm (two games at a time). The second round begins June 24, with games at 11am and 3pm during that week, and then the semi-finals at 3pm on July 4 and 5, third-place game at 3pm on July 8, and the FINAL GAME on July 9 at 2pm. utter mayhem, i'm sure. EXCITING. AWESOME.

more later, btwn games and, y'know, life stuff or whatever.


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