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Get horizontal -- Photos wanted

Posted by John / February 26, 2007

20070226_chip.jpgAfter too many months with our Park Ave. rooftop shot as the main graphic on the Midnight Poutine site, we recently swapped in MP contributor Chip's (who is pictured at right, in fact) great Jeanne-Mance park shinny photo (here's Chip's Flickr page). But now we're ready to get really crazy and change up the photos even more regularly. This is where you come in -- at least if you have a digital camera and take pictures of Montreal.

We're looking for exciting, interesting and well-composed shots that capture some aspect of Montreal, and that can be cropped to 814x220. You can crop it for us, or send us something approximate that we'll crop if we choose it.

How to submit: The best way is to join the MP Flickr pool and post your photo there and then note your submission to us in the comments below. If you don't have a Flickr account, you can email pics to info AT midnightpoutine DOT ca.

The photos we choose will (obviously) get prominent placement, but we'll also note your contribution in a post that links back to your Flickr page, thus earning you vast fame.



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