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Get Immersed in Gravy: Write for Midnight Poutine

Posted by Tim / February 21, 2007

20070221_nowhiring.jpg Looking for an outlet to write about your high fat diet of all things Montreal? Love gravy and curds as much as we do? What would you say to a business card that's blue and white and contains the words "Midnight" and "Poutine"?

Here at MP headquarters, we're kicking off our first annual February 21st recruitment drive and are looking for able bodied, enthusiastic, culturally-tuned-in Montrealers to join the team. Keep reading after the jump to learn about who we're looking for and what you can expect as a contributor to Midnight Poutine.

Ideal contibutors are:

* Passionate and in-the-know Montrealers who can write about at least one of the following subject areas: arts, film, music, restaurants, fashion, city/urban issues and local politics. (The focus should definitely be on independent/up-and-coming culture, not mainstream stuff)
* Web savvy. You've blogged before or think you can be really good at it. You're a moderate to heavy internet user who reads at least some blogs and other news and information sites. You might use an RSS reader, listen to podcasts and perhaps even know what Web 2.0 means.
* Photoshop savvy. You have Photoshop (or similar photo-editing software) and know how to use it. You have a keen eye for what looks good visually on a web page.
* You have a digital camera, Flickr account and can take and edit good quality photos to be used on the site. (Bonus points for already being a member of the MP Flickr Group)
* You write with flare and humour. More Gawker than The Gazette.

What you can expect:

* Media access to events.
* Very little or no pay. (How can you say no to that?) Actually, as web traffic increases we'll be able to pay contributors from money we take in through advertising.
* More fun than your other job as you join, participate in and help nurture our vibrant online community of readers and contributors.
* To build your writing portfolio so you can get that better gig elsewhere; write for a growing audience and make your cousins jealous.
*Your own MP email address and business cards.

Interested? Please get in touch and email us at jobs [at] midnightpoutine [dot see-yay!]



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