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No Montreal, You're the Best.

Posted by Jer / May 22, 2008

Just before taking off for the long weekend, we here at Midnight Poutine were hit with the stunningly good (and entirely irrelevant) news that we've been awarded the honour of "Best Blog" in the Montreal Mirror's annual "Best of Montreal" readers poll.

It's not really an award, since we don't actually get anything. Nor are we really "best" in any sense of the word, since other finalists like Spacing Montreal, Montreal City Weblogs, Said the Gramophone, and Fagstein (who, despite his pleas not to be considered got considered cuz his blog is good) are all the best in our eyes. We're also sad to be on a list that doesn't include Indyish, since we want to be on whatever list they are on. Still, as most bloggers who toil away in relative obscurity know, this is a thankless job. Also, the fickle nature of the blogosphere means that we'll probably be voted out next year, or that blogs will no longer exist since they stopped being cool in 2005, so we'll take credit where ever we can get it.

What the results of this poll really mean is that you, our readers, cared enough to vote for us without us even having to tell you to do so (I'm assuming that people voted for us...though since we have a larger group of contributors than most local blogs, it's quite possible that we simply outnumbered the other bloggers, and that no reader has ever laid eyes on this site).

Assuming it's the former, we owe you. We'll pay you back the only way we can: with words. Attached are some thank yous and thoughts on the moral victory from some of our writers:

Being part of the number one blog is pretty much as awesome as singing Spice Girls songs in a karaoke bar. Not that I have any experience with that. - Gabby

Thank you, Montreal, for having such delicious food. And thank you, readers of Midnight Poutine, for all your comments and recommendations, and for reading! It makes every fatty calorie I eat worthwhile. - Kim

My mirror often tells me that I'm a huge nerd, but this is even better. I guess this means that all the trendiest sceenster people in Montreal consider us to be the biggest nerds in the city. Thanks Montreal Mirror for ackowledging that we are, in fact, #1 blog nerds! - Goran

Marci! Mangeurs de poutine! De par le manque de commentaires, j'ai parfois l'impression que nos billets ne sont pas toujours lus... Apparemment, c'n'est pas le cas! J't'adore Montréal! - Phil

Such a pleasant surprise! Humongous thank-yous to everyone who voted! - Valerie

Thanks for voting us best late-night eats, Montreal! - Paloma

Looks like I picked the right time to join this wacky endeavour. Next year, let's see if we can't be voted Best Minority. - Stefan

We wouldn't be Montreal's number one website without Montreal's number one readers. Keep us sharp with your amazing comments and your unforgiving criticism. It's your feedback that makes it all worth it. - Jenny

Midnightpoutine: it’s alive! We write for your ears, eyes, nose, mouth and mind Montreal. Thanks. Lots of love in this, so beautiful a city…and she calls for more. - Mike

You really came through for us, Montreal. Last year we lost to celebutard skin rag Drunken Stepfather, which made me worry that we preferred La Lohan's nip slips to kickass reviews. Thank you for reading, responding, and hanging around with us on our neverending search for the perfect poutine. (And our wait for the next Stanley Cup.) Merci! - Sisi

Thanks poutineheads. My friends and family think that me spending over 20 hours a week on this site is a waste of time. This prestigious award will finally show them what free labour can get you. - Jer



Harold / May 22, 2008 at 04:05 pm
Merci à vous tous chers lecteurs! Votre appui est comme le fromage dans une poutine : essentiel et délectable.
Rob / May 22, 2008 at 04:24 pm
I wholeheartedly concur!! I only started reading Midnight Poutine recently but I must say I really like it. The articles are cool, the writers are tasteful and funny ... Oh and I like the pretty pictures of stuff around my city. This blog is awesome! Thanks! :D
risa / May 28, 2008 at 11:00 am
hey guys, thanks for the shout out to indyish and many congrats!
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