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Collective Speak :OFDT

Posted by Stacy / December 19, 2013

OFDT Collective co-founders Marc-Antoine Clement and Jean-Paul Pahn are both the particular type of young creative whom has at once perfected their craft to perfection, maintained a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for the artists they interact with and possess the ability to bring to life aesthetic conceptions that are artfully suited for their spatial context.

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Crafty Holidays: Cookie Jar Gifts

Posted by Katherine / December 7, 2013


Christmas lights are on, festive music is playing everywhere and coffee shops are serving seasonal drinks. It's that time again! Save yourself the hassle of shopping and screw capitalism! Here's a simple gift idea you can prepare yourself.

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"A Nasty NoŽl" with Bobby Slayton at The Wiggle Room

Posted by Bryan / December 6, 2013

The "pitbull of comedy" is back with a holiday-themed show that will frighten the elderly, send small children running and would mortify your parents. We caught an early performance, here's what we thought.

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Inside Studio XX: A review, and a call for proposals

Posted by Greg / November 12, 2013

Project XXStepping into the "digital democracy" of Studio XX is always refreshing. It is an almost utopic zone of helpful smiling staff, thick rimmed glasses and seductive rows of paper-thin mac screens. Their programming is full of great opportunities - residencies, equipment rentals and workshops, all of which are informative and affordable. Their Mandate describes them as, "a bilingual feminist artist-run Centre for technological exploration, creation and critique." Maybe that's why I appreciate them so much.

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An Apocalyptic Party? It's Just the Beginning....

Posted by Bryan / November 10, 2013

Z'Isle is a bilingual Montreal-based comic series featuring all of your favorite haunts, haunted by the living dead. It is filled with painstakingly evocative illustrations. Artist Dan Buller is part of the acclaimed and beloved street art collective En Masse. Alongside the realistically rendered biting zombies you can read into the subtle and biting social commentary. What happens when consumption gets out of control? This is about zombies in Montreal, and also about the self-destructive beast inside of all of us, and how we might be able to control it.

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"The Death of Art"? - 5 Times that Spoken Word Entered the Mainstream ?

Posted by Bryan / November 3, 2013

Literary critic and theorist Harold Bloom once claimed that slam poetry is "the death of art." Is it really? It's more mainstream than you might think!

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