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Pop Mtl: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Songs

Posted by Hannah / September 29, 2005

post-web.gifWho hasn't spent a night on a St. Laurent corner scanning for cops while your buddy slaps a band poster on an unsuspecting Canada Post box? 'Tho the posters are as important for advertising as they are for helping define the city's music scence, the city's crackdown on postering risks making music art a vanishing genre.

For Pop Montreal, already-too-busy Shawn Petsche decided to curate a concert poster exhibit at Madame Edgar. You don't need an excuse to check out Post Pop! but if you happen to be ticketless tonight or still deaf from last night, now is the perfect time.

At Tuesday's vernissage I counted one trucker hat, and another one of those pseudo-berets that might be more appropriately called a cap that have been cropping up this week. Truth be told I almost forgot to count, I was so busy taking in Nick Kuepfer's images of movie mice, skeletal wolves and agape apes.

Shawn chose the posters he did because they best represent the diversity of Montreal's music scene, and because, well, he just likes 'em. One wall showcases the some of the sylistic similarities among Séripop, Bongoût and Little Friends of Printmaking, while the other is a fantastic clash between Scott Blake's dreamy pink elephants and Johnny Crap's screaming black bikes, both for Fantomas concerts.

You can get a preview of the show by visiting Madame Edgar online. And if your Pop Montreal dance card is filling up, fear not, Post Pop! is on until October 16.

Madame Edgar
6370 Saint-Hubert Street (Saint-Hubert Plaza)
Metro: Beaubien

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