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Fringe popularity plateaus with city officials

Posted by Hannah / March 28, 2006

Sad news over at the Fringe Festival web site. According to a press release posted today, Plateau Borough Mayor Helen Fotopulos and Borough Councillor Michel Prescott have denied the festival access to Parc des Ameriques at the corner of St. Laurent and Rachel--and to any other park in the Plateau.

"I guess they chose condos over culture," remarks Producer Jeremy Hechtman.
"The Fringe has invested a decade and a half into developing its relationship with this neighbourhood. We don't want to move," Agombar adds. "It is very frustrating to find ourselves at this impasse with just 11 weeks left before the festival kicks off!"
Hechtman and Agombar stress that the 2006 Fringe is not in jeopardy and that a solution will be found with or without the city's help. "At this point, moving to a private terrain is likely our best option. It will cost us dearly in increased set-up costs, but not as much as it would cost us in lost revenue and audience if we move indoors or by an overpass in the middle of Siberia. If we return to our regular park but can't program live performances for half the festival or sell beer after 9pm like they've been suggesting the future of the festival is uncertain," says Hechtman.



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