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Happy 47x87h;;@/]] Birthday to Art!!

Posted by Robyn / January 17, 2007

Yes, Art (the concept, the creative force, the thing(s)) can have a birthday just like you or me or Canada. How old Art actually is isn't clear; I don't even think you can count it properly, as it's probably older than numbers, or letters, or the idea of counting.

However, people like to put numbers on things. So in 1963 French artist Robert Filliou suggested that 1,000,000 years ago, there was no art, but one day, on the 17th of January, Art was born. People have been celebrating ever since. Artists are totally weird. I love it so much. People are celebrating all over the place this year too.

In Montreal, celebrations will go on into the night with music/sound, wine and hot chocolate at Studio XX, Oboro and Carré St-Louis - see the website for more details and event times. Oboro will feature performances by locals 18U, Tim Hecker, Saibotuk, and Fishead - and they want you to Bring Your Boombox!

But here at Midnight Poutine, we believe that celebrations should be an all-day affair. And an all-night affair. An all-the-time affair really. So we began the party in Montreal this morning at the CKUT radio station. I spent much of the middle of today, participating in their celebration, which was, obv, mainly sound based, featuring sound artists, musicians, singers, performance artists, and all-around creative people doing their arty things. There was also cake! It was good. And a crazy Art's Birthday story told by the Reverend Norm of the Church of Harvey Christ. Srsly, it was kinda nuts.

Hey, and I even performed! Well, hummed for 15 minutes - in Kathy Kennedy's group HUMMM session - which was awesome! (i think i even say that on air afterwards...) It made me all high and dizzy and blissed out! Humming is totally good for you. I'm going to incorporate it into my exercise/yoga/art/music regimen, seriously.

Even more awesome is that on Saturday, June 16, there will be a major HUMMM event called "The Main Hum" with as many performers as possible along blvd. St. Laurent in Montreal, from Sherbrooke to Laurier St. A Hum soundtrack will be broadcast on a local radio station, and participants will be picking it up through portable radios and wireless devices, and singing along! It's part of the (greatest Montreal) music festival, Suoni per il Popolo. Everyone is welcome, yaay!!

CKUT's Celebration of Art in Sound and Sound in Art unfolded as follows:

* 9h - Archival pieces from Futurist, DADA and Fluxus all-stars
* 9h30 - Art 2012 with Charlie O'Connor
* 10h - Shoebomber (Nimalan Yoganathan)
* 10h30 - Virgule (Esther B. with Gordon Allen)
* 11h - Andrea-Jane Cornell
* 11h20 - Marie-Helene Cabana
* 11h35 - Emmanuel Medan
* 12h - The CKUT Circuit Workshop Orchestra
* 12h20 - Magali Babin
* 12h40 - HUMMM with Kathy Kennedy
* 13h10 - Emilie Mouchous
* 13h30 - CAKE with Reverend Norm of the Church of Harvey Christ

You can download all or part of this craziness by going to or clicking on these handy links (yes, they say they're other shows but i assure you, they are Art's Birthday Extravaganza - just click on the January 17, 2007 links.)
9-11am, 11-11:30am, 11:30-noon, here (noon-2pm).

And in the spirit of Art's Birthday, I'm going to take up Canada Council for the Art's Art Challenge. As my MP colleague Cat wrote in her recent Artsy-Fartsy article: What the "50 for 50 Arts Challenge" does is ask the public "to participate in 50 arts activities during the anniversary year – ranging from reading a poem to singing in a choir to attending a film festival to looking at a painting – keep a record of their experiences and let the Council know about it."

How hard can that be? There's art everywhere! CHALLENGE!! I'm just going to write everything in my datebook as usual and add it up. DO IT DO IT DO IT.

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