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Gallery Space: Now and When

Posted by MP / May 24, 2007

eric-simon.jpgDespite a bit of a lull in terms of artistic christenings this week, there are still plenty of exhibits still covered in enough placenta to satisfy the art connoisseur’s desire to be in the know with what’s in the new.

Today, Galerie Graff opens its doors to Portraits Séquentiels, an exhibit of uber sleek portrait paintings by Eric Simon. If you’ve ever wanted to see the same person from sixteen different angles, and relish the visual mind trip of photographic painting, then you’ve got something to add to your day planner.

Portraits Séquentiels: on display at Galerie Graff (963 Rachel St. E.) until June 30.

Today is also your last chance to see the works of numeric painter Pascal Yelle at Galerie in Vivo. Either this guy’s really into those paint by number kits that were a staple in every child’s memory of disappointing gifts, or Yelle does digital art like nobody’s business. No need to guess, really- it’s the latter, and it’s awesome. From far they look like watercolours, from up close they look like a robot’s insides. A little last minute, I know, but it blows the mind like complex algebra.

Pascal Yelle: works on display at Galerie in Vivo (282 Notre-Dame St. W.) until May 24.

Kind of like a hipper take on a stamp collector’s convention, Sunday marks, or postmarks rather, the last week of The Canadian Envelope Show at Pink Espace. For anyone who swoons at the sight of antique paper and mourns the dying art of letter writing.

The Canadian Envelope Show: on display at Pink Espace (1399 St-Jacques St.) until June 1.

Aleks Bartosik 4.jpgOngoing for your contemplative pleasure at Usine C is Borrowing Artichoke-Hearts, a collection of new works by Polish born Aleks Bartosik. Combining drawing and painting, Bartosik creates scenes where the ethereal and disturbing intermingle with an almost childlike naïveté and sensibility.

Borrowing Artichoke-Hearts: on display at Usine C (1345 Lalonde St.) until June 9.

And of course, the Montreal Biennale continues. Whether you’re in the mood for a contemporary aesthetic feast addressing an array of themes in a variety of media courtesy of over sixty of the most relevant and emerging artists from Canada and abroad, or just want a good excuse to wax art terminological a la “the artist’s use of chiaroscuro in this work is subtly reminiscent of Caravaggio,” the 2007 Montreal Biennale Crack the Sky beckons. Either way, there’s nothing like the title “Biennale” to give a city’s visual arts scene extra art house caviar cred. Thanks, Venice.

Crack the Sky: featuring exhibitions in galleries and venues across town until July 8.

Photo: Jan Thijs

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