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Travelling Food for Thought

Posted by MP / May 18, 2007

20070518_diana_shearwood_behind_the_mall-1.jpgFood as an industry has always interested me. Subjects such as centralized doughnut factories, round-up-ready canola and grinding beef by the ton have always been entertaining. So when I first saw Diana Shearwood’s photos hung up in the fluorescent green gallery that is Articule, I built up the tenacity to walk in and declare ‘what’s up!’.

The immediate and obvious answer was Diana’s new documentary work called ‘Behind the Mall’. It’s a collection of photographs that depict food as seen in advertisements on the sides of cargo trucks. Rich in vibrancy and deceivingly scrumptious, some of the best pictures only retain the slightest hints of their real source. After a few minutes admiring, I left knowing I would be back to learn more.

During my second visit to the gallery, CBC was there to conduct an interview, enabling me to glean from their perfunctory questions and answers. I learnt Diana has spent most of her career photographing Montreal’s urban decay and this project was a new direction that had her capturing food in transit. Her main goal was to make people think about where their food comes from and the massive delivery industry they support.

After seeing so much fake food, and how it perverted the image of what might be lurking in the trailer, I was reconsidering my next lunch. Thankfully, Montreal has come to terms with this notion - most of the back-lit menus I see here are more truthful and gruesome than any others I’ve seen in Canada.

For the past four years, Diana has been frequenting truck stops to amass a huge body of themed photography for this show. Her best shots can be seen at the opening Friday, May 18th and also on June 2nd for an informative discussion at Articule.

Behind the Mall
Diana Shearwood
Articule 262 rue Fairmont Ouest.
Opening May 18th, 7pm
Discussion with Artist June 2nd, 3pm
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 5pm


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