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True tales from Montreal writers

Posted by Hannah / May 4, 2007

20070504_happened.jpg Day jobs for Tally Abecassis include documentary filmmaker, radio producer and writer. But once every couple of months she becomes the curator and test audience of real-life art, in the form of a live event where people air their dirty laundry tell tales of true events: First-person narratives, letters, diary entries, grocery lists, etc.

"At the last one...Sheryl Fragin brought down the house with a reading from her diary from when she was 13, angst-ridden, and longing for a "Princess phone," she says.

CBC will broadcast the February show in its entirety on "Cinq à Six", this Saturday (tomorrow!) from 5-6pm. That's Radio One: 88.5 FM.

But first Tally checks in with MP to fill us in on what This Really Happened is all about.

This really happened? What do you mean? What really happened?
The title refers to the fact that it's non-fiction, as in Things That Really Happened. To you. To a stranger. To someone.

You're gearing up for your third event, but the first one, which took place in February, will be aired on CBC on Saturday. What can we expect to hear?

-Cameron Esler's often-steamy text-message haikus to his girlfriend
-Kelly Norah Drukker's take on lovers in Ireland
-Me on my mother's video-game business with a guy called Cobra
-Sheryl Fragin's beautiful piece on a difficult relationship
-Jeremy Wexler's hilarious musings on the problem with shaving.

Tell me about Cobra...What is there to say about a guy who would show up at my parents' West Island home with a trunk filled with contraband video games? You'll have to listen...

When is the next live event?
June 19th, 9pm, Boa bar 5301 St-Laurent, corner Maguire

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alanah / May 4, 2007 at 03:02 pm
oh yay! I was in NYC last fall and discovered CRINGE, a monthly reading of childhood and adolescent diaries. It was funnier than...well...anything I've ever seen try to be funny. I have been hoping something along the same lines would crop up in mtl!

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