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Psychedelic sound session at SAT

Posted by MP / September 15, 2007


“I's never done drugs—and you can test me piss.” That line from an old-school Ali G sketch was bouncing around in my head as I sat in perfect darkness at SAT on Friday night.

Wielding the most unlikely items—a toothbrush, a scouring pad, a tuning fork and a violin bow—sound artists Mike Hansen (above) and Martin Tetreault were weaving together the most fantastic soundscape I had ever heard.

The sounds pumped into the room through eight speakers, arranged in a circular fashion all around. Hansen and Tetreault, jamming together for the first time, were using their implements to scratch the needles of record players and then twisting and distorting the sounds out of all recognition.

It was as if a tear in space-time had opened up, and all sorts of things were streaming out. Propeller planes, jackhammers, and masses of mangled twisting wreckage were floating around us in the dark, in the most surreal melange of sounds imaginable. And I was stone cold sober.

The espaceSONO:: audio lab showcase continues until Oct. 5. My recommendation: bring a doobie along.

The SAT[Gallery] is located at 1201 St. Laurent.

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