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Montreal Munny Show - Deisgn Your Own Toy

Posted by Valerie / October 18, 2007

Following the trend of customizing sneakers is now the trend to customize art toys.

Montreal is hosting its first Munny Show on October 26th at the Off the Hook store (1021 Ste-Catherine W)
Anyone can participate, and even cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Vancouver (just to name a few) have Munny Shows - about time we get our own.

Rules go as follows (all at Off The Hook)

1- Purchase a Munny (available for $30)
2- Register for the contest
3- Drop off your customized Munny before October 24

What's even more tempting is that prizes will be given for the best customized Munnys.
Hopefully the Montreal Munny Show will be a re-occurring event - it is overall a great way to make art accessible to everyone (with a touch of hip and underground culture)

Picture taken from Montreal Muny Show.

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