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Warhol in Little Italy

Posted by Olivier / September 25, 2008

Back when Andy Warhol was painting famous people and filming intimate acts in the 60s, he had a New York loft where he was surrounded by artists, performers, celebrities, and anyone who wanted a piece of the action. The space was known as the Silver Factory, and a group of Montreal artists have attempted to recreate this chaos for a week-long installation known as the Factory Project . Housed in a warehouse on Clark and Jean Talon in Little Italy, a mess of interactive creative projects compete for your attention the moment you walk in the door. Some are more successful than others, but at the very least you should leave with a greater appreciation for Warhol’s idea that anyone and anything can be famous.

September 24th-27th from 8:00-10:00 PM at Eastern Bloc, 7240 Clark. Admission: $12, $10 for students, Saturday $20.

picture of the original Silver Factory, from

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