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Dance Animal: It's OK to Laugh

Posted by Jer / July 20, 2009

20090720dance.jpgDance Animal is: Dance Tiger, Dance Squirrel, Dance Gecko, Dance Hawk, Dance Fox, Dance Pony, Dance Salmon, Dance Hippo, Dance Wolf and Dance Banana.

Normally, when you're getting your groove on, showing off your smoothest moves on the dance floor, the last thing you want to hear is laughter. But if you're in the audience for the Dance Animal Presents: Dance Animal show this week at Zoofest, you'll find it hard not to crack up.

The show is the brain child of multi-talented director/choreographer/dancer Robin Henderson, and despite the laughs, it brings with it some serious cred: Dance Animal won rave reviews (not to mention the 'Just for Laughs Best Comedy Award') at the Montreal Fringe last month.

Henderson wanted to see what happened when you take 8 comedians who are relatively untrained dancers and throw them on stage together to strut their stuff (full disclosure...I know her from when she taught me to dance like a jackass in a musical comedy show many years ago). The result is a gig that's part sketch comedy, part send up of the seriousness of contemporary dance.

Featuring members from some of Montreal's most talented sketch/improv groups (Uncalled For, Without Annette) and Henderson's "brilliantly silly" choreography, the tribe's booty-shakin' theatre act promises to be a better way to spend an hour than the current slew of reality dance shows that won't leave my TV alone. For anyone like me, for whom any kind of dancing is always a comedy routine, Dance Animal is sure to make you enjoy the art form again.

Normally this is the part of the post where I send you to the Zoofest site for details, but it is one of the most ridiculously designed website I have ever seen. Your eyes will break before they find any relevant information. Seriously. If it's meant as a joke, kudos Zoofest, you're Bill Effin' Cosby.

Instead, here's what you need to know:

Dance Animal Presents: Dance Animal runs this week at the Mainline Theatre (3997 St. Laurent). Tickets are $15. The show contains coarse language and hot moves. If you saw Dance Animal at the Fringe, don't worry, the whole set has been re-choreographed for the stage at the Mainline Theatre with new routines added.

Tues Jul 21 - 7pm
Wed Jul 22 - 7pm
Thur Jul 23 - 7pm

Photo by: Antoine Yared, found on the tribe's press page



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