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Put This Thursday Night On The Radio

Posted by Jasia / July 15, 2009

magic soundbox listing.jpg
CKUT's Magic Sound Box promises a Live Radio experience, which you can tune into or better yet be a part of.

With Thursday nights being the new Fridays for some years now, they tend to fill up quickly and there is a sense of almost competitive stress about what to do on a Thursday night. All things being equal, the bill at CKUT's Magic Sound Box offers a Thursday night of sound art and performative radio unlike anything else on the books.

The evening will be characterized by separation of performers from the audience, who listen and experience from inside an enclosed space (the sound box) to a variety of live and pre-recorded sound and performance pieces. The work feature will be from an array of CKUT broadcasters and involved persons including: Rachel Ni Chuinn, CJ Albinati, Kaitlin Prest, Fortner Anderson, AnabelKhoo, Andrea Jane Cornell, Neil Griffith, Britt Wray, Liz Pierries, Nick Dodd, Courtney Kirkby, Emilie Mouchous, Maria Mavrig, Rafael Sacramentolist. The whole event will become a live radio experiment; both the sound art and the audience's reaction will be broadcast on the CKUT airwaves from 8-9 PM ( feel free to tune in at 90.3 FM).

To attend, which may end up being more like participation, present yourself at L'Envers at 7:30, this Thursday July 16th. Admission is my favorite price: by donation. Call you parents and tell then you're going to be on the radio? I'll leave that one up to you.

Images courtesy Rachel Ni Chuinn and CKUT.

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