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Party Like It's 1699: Review And Regroup After A Night Of Sensory Over-Indulgence

Posted by Jasia / August 4, 2009

20090804-1699A.jpgThe concept: A mashup of Baroque and Postmodern experiences combining opera and ballet with spoken word and cardboard unicorns. The result: an evening thick with atmosphere, overloading all of your audio-visual receptors, possibly resulting in the urge to balance out the experience by spending time in sensory deprivation, or the poor man's version thereof i.e. consuming alcohol.

The brainchild of director Aleks Schurmer, Party Likes It's 1699 runs for two more nights at Interstice -242 Young Street. Doors are are 8, the show is at 9. If last night was any indication it's going to be busy, so arrive early to claim your couch.

20090804-1699B.jpgI'm gonna to get my complaining out of the way first, because I think there were a few "technical difficulties" with this production. First and foremost that the beautiful, ornate cardboard stage set was a bit too small and placed too far in front of the production, so a large portion of the audience seated on the sides couldn't really see. Which, given that the space was not massive and that a lot of people turned up to see the show, was less than ideal. Second, the spoken word and the music at the beginning....were just too much. I understand the idea was to broaden the event, to make it more eclectic, richer but...they seemed besides the point and a little fragile next to the three very solid main performances.

Make no mistake, this is absolutely not to take away from the intensity of the main performances. The music was extremely controlled, yet very intense, especially Ariane Girard's beautiful soprano. The two dance pieces were executed with visible passion, both contained more than a couple ounces of sexual tension and innuendo, and added a new layers of meaning to the music performed with them.

Visually, I couldn't get enough of the DIY cardboard set and props, all lovingly painted in every colour of the rainbow, or at least every colour of poster paint currently available to man. Again, a great event for wigs, if that is your deal, but personally I was sold on the giant cardboard animals. Can you ever have too many cardboard unicorns?



corinne canario / August 6, 2009 at 11:19 pm
yes it certainly had some great concepts. the performers certainly had energy in their performances.
I agree with you that the opening guitar dude did not add to the event.
But I have a question , if there was a singer wailing away in the baroque style of singing , why was there not baroque dance ? the set was great to look at and the musicians were set much too far back. but overall an eclectic and interesting night.
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