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Much too Much

Posted by Jasia / September 4, 2009

Leslie Bell's current exhibition at Les Territoires presents the viewer with a selection of her supersaturated colour works in painting, installation and animation. Normally I would consider this a recipe for disaster, but as any piece Bell works on is generally an exercise in excess, I think the show represents her eyeball-overwhelming practice fairly.

I first met Leslie Bell ontop of a mountain, where we had both convened to study cosmic rays. That was over a year ago, and the cosmic has certainly taken root and grown Leslie's work. Pushing the limits of colour with a love that can only be considered addiction, the shapes and lines of Bell's paintings and animations also explode to form jungles of excess.

Showing only until the 5th of September (tomorrow !!!), Light Matter may just make painting exciting again for those of you who've suffered from yawning and general distractedness when you're friends have dragged you to see canvasses that where conceptually important but visually morbid. My apologies for the short notice on this show-which like the summer will be over very, very soon, but is still, without a doubt, worth catching.

Image courtesy the artist.

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