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Top 10 Reasons why you love October

Posted by Luc / October 5, 2009

Tetris MenAaah October...what a busy month. In Montreal it starts with t-shirt weather and ends with 4 inches of snow on Halloween night. The number of people showing up at TamTams goes from the thousands to the dozens. But I know YOU still love this month, and here are the Top 10 reasons why:

10. Physical Optimism
For the past several winters you've been promising yourself you would hit the gym and emerge from hibernation with a beautiful beach body. Well this is the year! The refreshing air outside gives you a false sense of empowerment as you sign up yet again for the McGill gym. You'll go almost every day in October, and even say no to Mom's gravy at thanksgiving because you're "watching your figure". Not to worry though...come Mid December you'll be right back to your old Kit Kat eating self.

9. Awkward Family Past
Most people you know will head "home" for Thanksgiving, prompting you to ask them where home is (Gatineau, Toronto, Boston, etc.) At this point they will likely explain to you their awkward family past (divorced parents, brother is a murderer, sister is actually a horse, etc.).

8. Play on Words
October has the best last 4 letters of any month of the year, hence you and your buddies can turn any dumb competition into a month long event with a wicked name. Asstober, Pubetober, etc. I've seen a lot of 'Rocktober', where you 'rock a moustache' for 31 days. That one is convenient if you need to incorporate your 'stache into a...

7. Ridiculous Halloween Costumes
It's a well known fact that the 31st of October is now just an excuse to either show off your cunning dexterity (dressing as Tetris) or dressing as slutty cute as possible (sexy Optimus Prime). But for other idiots like me, it's an opportunity to dress as offensively as possible (H1N1 costume anyone?)

6. Famous Birthdays
Did you know that Vladimir Putin, Yo-Yo Ma, Weird Al Yankovic, Ashanti, and native son Mario Lemieux (Ville Emard represent!) were all born in October? Well you do now!

5. Sports Ecstasy
If you're a jock like me, October is the best sports month of the year. Hockey, Basketball, Football, Baseball's quite the clusterfuck of awesome. You'll even get the non-sports fans try and learn the Habs' roster in an effort to impress their crush or fit in with their new group of friends.

4. Karine Vanasse
She is wonderful every month of the year.

3. Reminder of good/bad times
If you went to University or College, you were probably involved in a Turkey dump or knew someone that was. And then you probably fell in love with someone completely new, all in the same month (rebound)! Anyway, the leaves changing and the long brisk walks will remind you of this wonderful/terrible time and you'll tell your current entourage about it.

2. Genevieve
I'll never forget that day she drove all the way from Hawkesbury to tell me it was over. It was the most crushing moment of my life. But a week later, the same day I drove home after lighting Genevieve's house on fire, I met Francine at B-sides. It was instant love. I'll never forget you Francine.

1. "How was your summer?"
By October, people have usually stopped asking you this question. But after the second Monday of the month, they will ask how your Thanksgiving was, prompting #9 to happen.

0. Ideas for Top 10 lists come to you in the shower!

Photo courtesy of Moe Joe Karyouti



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