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Art Agenda: Nuit Blanche weekend (Feb. 26-28)

Posted by Carolyn / February 26, 2010

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Art invades the city this Saturday for Nuit Blanche, the seventh-annual all-night art party put on by the Montreal High Lights Festival. Scattered around town for one night only, this onslaught of performance art, installations, film art, new media, and contemporary art of all stripes is, as any artsy type will tell you, not to be missed. There are over 180 events on the Nuit Blanche schedule (mostly free!) to choose from, but here are six recommendations for the most intriguing visual art events going down on Saturday night, as well as a few non-Nuit Blanche related exhibitions if you prefer art in the afternoon to art at 3 a.m.

Nuit Blanche:

The Art Anarcholympics @ Red Bird Gallery. To celebrate the finale of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, Red Bird will be holding a satirical event to explore "the role of play and subversion in the expression of dissention towards nationalist and corporate hierarchical systems" in the Olympics. Activities include a projection of the results of a new and improved Olympic ethos, a light installation by artist Paul Warne, pop art, open studios, games, fashion, and performances by GAMBLETON and Jen Reimer. Oh, and free chili, courtesy of Fully Furnished Furnishing and Vintage to Go. 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Nuit Blanche All-Nighter @ Galerie de l'UQAM. An evening of performances by The Two Gullivers, Sophie Castonguay, Raphaëlle de Groot, Belinda Campbell, and Thierry Marceau. After checking out sculpture exhibition Expansion, don't forget to venture beneath the gallery to see the performance piece Circulez, y'a rien à voir! (Move along, there's nothing to see here!) which depicts UQUAM's nocturnal life. The exhibition galleries will be open to the public for free from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. Performances run from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Art Souterrain. Can't handle the cold? Make your way through the art world of the underground city. Galerie SAS owner Frédéric Loury has orchestrated myriad screenings, exhibitions, performances, and installations to appear in the city's underground maze on Saturday night, turning the formerly drab metro stations into gallery spaces for one night only. Stop at McGill station to watch film screenings of Manon de Pauw's Échelle Humaine (Human Scale) and Alana Riley's Love Songs.

Nuit Blanche @ The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. If you're downtown, be sure to make a stop at MMFA, where a variety of hands-on art activities will be going on. Draw from a live human model with guidance from art teachers, watch a demonstration on the creation of glass art, bring pieces of old jewelry to participate in the creation of a mosaic, and enjoy other activities with a glass theme in honor of the Tiffany Glass exhibition.

Leonard Cohen Artworks @ Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan. You've heard his musical art, but have you seen his visual art? Maison du Festival Rio TInto Alcan presents an exhibition of the sketches and drawings of Montreal legend Leonard Cohen. The drawings include self-portraits, portraits of women, and nudes, among others. 11:30 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Backstage @ Galerie Pangée. Check out this series of photographs of Canadian and international rock stars taken pre-performance by artist Valérie Jodoin Keaton, a former member of The Dears, at Galerie Pangée in the Old Port. 6 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Other Exhibitions:

Malavia-IsMyPassionEqualToTheTask.jpg Nimit Malavia, Is My Passion Equal To The Task? Image:

Tessar Lo & Nimit Malavia @ Show & Tell Gallery. Exhibition of Tessar Lo's "Everything We Wanted, In Our Nostalgic Future" and Nimit Malavia's "I Can't Love You, But We Can Romance." "Everything We Wanted" is the first Canadian solo exhibition of Lo's paintings, which reflect a feeling of childlike wonder and its tendency to fade with age. Malavia's powerful works portray the many sides of attraction, love, relationships, and loss. Until February 28.

DuaneGordonThree.jpg Duane Gordon, Three. Image:

Duane Gordon Vernissage @ KAI studio. IT consultant by day and artist by night Duane Gordon is holding a website launch/vernissage of his art deco and modern landscape inspired work. Gordon focuses on Montreal architecture, with a particular emphasis on geometric forms and the play of light and shadows. According to Gordon's artistic statement, "I strip away human artifacts, exploring past judgments of the 'dehumanizing' urban landscape. I portray the modern city as would an explorer arriving in a pristine wilderness untouched by human hands; the beauty is breathtaking." Check it out at KAI Design Studio. Vernissage on Friday, February 26.

Clement Yeh: Montreal in Sculpture @ Maison Kasini. An exhibition of Yeh's large wood sculptures with a minimalist, streamlined aesthetic. The works are inspired by Montreal vintage commercial signage, but all references to their commercial nature have been removed to allow Yeh to focus on the beauty of the signs which exists independently of their advertising function. Using traditional and modern woodworking techniques, Yeh flattens the object into a two-dimensional work.
Clement Yeh, Nettoyeur. Image:



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