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What Are We (Really) Doing Here?

Posted by Jasia / March 1, 2010

I always like to think that the reason so many artists migrate to Montréal is due to a powerful mythical draw, which only the hypersensitive or the slightly insane are attune to.

But now this group Making It Montréal wants to rain on my parade by having rational discussions about why so many artists choose to live and work here. Still, after being snowed, sleeted and rained on for four solid months, I guess even I could use some explanation of what we are all (still) doing in this city.

The March 2nd event will be the second discussion and first show put on by Making It Montréal, who make it their mandate to present the perspectives of Anglophone artists who have chosen to call Montréal home. The discussion coincides with a showing of some fine, fine printmaking by the super-talented Kiarra Albina, Tyler Rauman,Jesse Purcell and Harley Smart. I recommend staying far, far away as they are selling work during the vernisage and you may experience strong compulsions to buy some.

I'm not sure if I like the idea of putting such a strong emphasis on the fact that the group deals exclusively with Anglophone artists who have moved to Montréal, it feels like a big generalization to split the community into Anglophone imports and Francophone veterans . On the other hand, I'm a big fan of clarity and it is both more honest and more specific to state outright that the group is interested in what draws the Anglophone art community to Montreal. It might even open some frank discussion of how closed or open certain communities are, and to what extent language can bring a group together or keep people apart.

On things for sure, I can't criticize any of the participants for their laziness, for their lack of making stuff ( you know, art, literature, music; the usual and then some). The event is organized by Arcmtl, the people who bring us the beloved Expozine as well as keeping those Distrobotos around town well stocked. Their last discussion, which went down February 4th featured out of control talent such as 'funk army' Tony Ezzy and stellar animator Amy Lockhart.

Ok, good job if you have made it this far because there are too many great links to nifty things in this article and I certainly would have been distracted long ago. But if for some strange reason you are tempted to get off the internet and into the land of 3+ dimensions do come down to the Casa del Popolo this Tuesday night for the discussion, the vernisage and all other good things that this world has to offer (like beer and free DJ night!).

Graphic credit: Billy Mavreas

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