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Sur Les Chantiers

Posted by Jasia / April 1, 2010


What, exactly, is going to go happen at this mysteriously titled event Saturday night? Talking to the event's organizers, les Archipelliers, they can't tell me precisely what will happen because they are not entirely sure.

The event, which is being held at the always surreal location of the Bain Saint-Michel, that empty pool down on St Dominique, will pull together a series of happenings, circus performances, poetry, video projections and bands, hopefully culminating in, as one of the organizers described it to me, a really memorable party.

Pulling together the line up for this party, however, has obviously been a lot of work; a process demanding more than a little thoughtfulness. The Archipelliers early on enlisted the aide of Massivart , a group of site specific painters and seriographers who, in addition to assisting with creating promotional material for the event will be in the process of painting the venue, live, for the duration of the night.

The performances booked for the evening generally have not been scheduled or curated into specific order, though I get the sense that some general discussion of what everyone will be doing may have gone on behind scenes, the idea is to 'let things happen'. Walking that find line between order an chaos seems like potentially not the easiest choice for the organizers, but their desire to put together this event is strongly linked to the idea that while there are so many great performers in this city, many of them lack a venue or an event to present their work. Not to mention that sometime the micro-communities that form around different sorts of artistic endeavors can get a bit insular and, to say it nicely, forget to talk to each other.

So why the circus? It seems like instead of curating around a preconceived thematic, the organizer of Sur les chantiers were more interested in creating an atmosphere. Being held in a empty pool, it didn't take too much a push for the event to take on a certain quality of madness. Seems like a totally reasonable premise for a party, especially a party centering around art happenings, music and assorted performances. The night kicks off around ten and ends...when it's really over!

Images courtesy of les Archipelliers, L'OURS and Ryunosuke Yamazumi

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