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Beyond The Hook: Uncalled For Improv

Posted by Luc / October 11, 2010

Beyond the Hook is a series of Question & Answers with theatrical artists from Montreal or gracing our fair city with their presence. All questions are meticulously concocted by the Midnight Poutine team to truly reveal the subject's true character and desires.

Uncalled For is infinitely pleased to present their first dramatic work, the Governor General award-winning Possible Worlds, written by Canadian playwright John Mighton and directed by Liz Valdez. Possible Worlds runs from October 13-24 at MainLine Theatre. Possible Worlds is a sci-fi love story, a philosophical murder mystery, a tragedy stretched across multiple universes. At its heart is an emotional, intelligent romance that will keep you questioning reality long after the lights come up.

I recently had the chance to sit down with the entire crew from Uncalled For via an email I sent which they collectively answered:

What is the best Canadian theater act you have ever seen?
A: The ongoing act of juggling huge ideas, massive talent and no money.

Besides family, friends, other artists, and Mr Mistoffolees, what influenced you to get involved in Theater?
A: We started as an improv troupe, then we moved on to writing and performing sketch comedy, and now it feels like a natural progression to produce dramatic theatre. Across these fields, the idea and the appeal is to connect with people and share the experience of something special -- a moment of truth or hilarity or insight or beauty, a moment that's here and then gone.

What do you love most about Montreal?

A: The whole spirit of Montreal is inspiring... the feeling you get of a small community in a big city. We love what we can do here, helping to build and nurture the comedy and theatre scene. And we love the street cred you get for being a Montrealer when you travel anywhere else in the world. You don't have to do anything, people just assume you're wicked awesome! Oh, and cheap rent.

If there's any person out there that should hail from Montreal but actually doesn't, who is it?
A: Brian Gionta. John Mighton. Stephen Colbert.

What set of emotions do you go through after eating Poutine?

A: Crushing guilt, profound regret, deep malaise... all covered in a delicious brown sauce of unqualified joy, sprinkled with chunks of proud self-destruction.

If you had to be part of any historical event, which would you choose and who would you be?
A: We don't actually believe in history -- since we're fairly certain that time is relative and memories are lies -- but if we were forced, at gunpoint, to choose one historical event to travel back to, we would travel back to the moment right before we let our guard down and were ambushed at gunpoint, and WE would be the ambushers. Time loop!

What is the dumbest thing you could buy with a million dollars?
A: 50 000 tickets to our own production of John Mighton's Possible Worlds. Which would be dumb because then no one else would get to see it.

If you live to be 150 years old, how will you spend your birthday?

A: In fear of death!

What did you do this morning? Why did you do that?
A: We made you breakfast... because we had a really nice time last night, and we wanted to let you know how much we like you. But you snuck out while we were plating! Why did YOU do that?



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Thanks for good stuff
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What a lovely day for a 4117588! SCK was here
Alana / February 4, 2015 at 07:23 am
, I would love to see some creative ponsig ideas, as well as concept {themed} shoot ideas :0) Congrats on the baby too! I'm expecting #2 in 9 weeks, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to read your blog while I'm not out shooting. Thanks!!
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