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NUIT BLANCHE 2011: What you need to know

Posted by Luc / February 25, 2011

20110226_mmpix_nuitblanche.jpg Well, I was going to write some nice things about Nuit Blanche, but then I found out they made a mobile app for iPhone and Androids, BUT NOT BLACKBERRY! WHY NUIT BLANCHE! WHY MUST YOU DENY US CORPORATE BOYS YOUR ALL ACCESS MOBILE GUIDE!!! Forever Alone

There are loads of events taking place on Nuit Blanche...way too many to name and feature. I've picked out my favorites for this article, and I encourage you to do the same. Visit the official Nuit Blanche and Montreal HighLights Festival website here.

Before you read this, I want to remind you that I am not the authority on Nuit Blanche or Art in general, nor do I claim to be. I used to live in Toronto, and Nuit Blanche there went from independent, sneaky, and cool, to being endorsed by Scotiabank and having my parents attend. Not that my parents ain't straight gangstas. What I'm saying is, I skipped it last year after taking the wrong bus, so taking my advice on Nuit Blanche in Montreal will be like taking a virgin's advice on sex. Sorry, that was the best metaphor I could come up with.

Here we go (by section of city)

Quartier Vieux-Montréal et Quais du Vieux-Port

YES! From 10pm to 2am, you can play dodgeball down at the Quays of the old port. Wonderful. I am going to be there. And I am going to bruise you.

Le Cabaret du Roy

Bonfire. Outdoor BBQ. Singer Mia Lacroix. The promise of "naughty quebecois songs". Do not miss this one, from midnight to 4am at 363 de la commune street.

Hilton Montréal Bonaventure
The Hilton is opening up their heated outdoor pool to the public (although at a price of $12). When I look at the picture on the site, I just imagine myself as Neve Campbell in Wild Things.

Espace Cercle Caré
This sounds like the spot where all the weird post-modern stuff will be. The description is ambiguous and uses words like "dreamlike" and "unsettling". Likely a great spot to see something unique. 10pm to 3am at The Circle at 10 Queen street.


The Henge Project: En Masse @ Complexe Desjardins
People will paint and draw...and paint and draw, and paint and draw. For 9 hours, from 6pm to 3am, a massive canvas of art will come to life before your eyes. Not to be missed. Check out the En Masse blog to see what I mean.

Capoeira Demo @ Indigo Books
From 11pm to midnight, you catch some of the best Capoeira fighters (or are they artists?) Montreal has to offer. Don't know what Capoeira is? Check out this fight scene from The Protector, but imagine funner music and girls. The demo is presented by the GCAM.

All the museums
Great night to check out all the museums Montreal has to offer. I have a feeling that most native Montrealers haven't been to many of them since they were in Grade 5. For the large part they are free on Nuit Blanche, or have a discounted price.

UQAM Sherbrooke Pavilion
"A team of researchers will explain the latest discoveries in nanotechnology, extraterrestrial biology, pre-human archaeology and cryptozoology. The demonstrations will run all night long." 8pm to 6am. 'nuf said.

Bains Mathieu

Who says blacklight fluorescent decor died after Batman Forever? This exhibit will make you feel like you're at LaserQuest. Promise of good music jams and concerts in the evening. Run time is 1pm to 5am, but costs $10 after 9pm.

Place Des Arts - Interactive Ecosystem

Although I can't imagine this exhibit being TOO great (considering Nuit Blanche's mobile shortcomings mentioned earlier in this article), there will supposedly be a way to interact with whatever is happening on the giant screen at Places Des Arts. Using your mobile. 10pm to 5am.

Tournament : Imprudanses movement-based improvisation league @ Sala Rossaicked Dance competitions. Improvised. I hope this is like Step Up 3D, or Stomp The Yard. "What are they doin??" "They improvisin' the dance!"

At the entrance of Mont-Royal metro, these guys use the walls of the constructed igloo to tell some fancy stories. Join them for a trip through "Nordic imagination." 10pm to 3am.

Aquart @ Olympic Park Sports Center
You get to put on a mask and snorkel, and watch art exhibits, UNDER-WAAATTTTEERRRR! It says that music will be playing in the background, but I can't imagine that it's playing underwater. Although...I've seen people sing underwater. Sexy people.

This will be your best option to stay warm. No matter where you are in the downtown area, there will be something going on down below (most of the events are concerts or small installations, and run from 9pm to 3am). There are too many great sounding ones to list, so I'll let you take a look for yourself. I do encourage you to spend as much of the evening outdoors (that's kind of the idea), but going underground is a good fail-safe if you wimp out and get cold.

Be sure to follow my live tweets from Nuit Blanche @lgdoucet

Photo courtesy of NeuveTerre09 & Jacques Nadeau



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