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The Montreal Fringe Festival, Day 1, Part 2: Between Gossip and Dreams

Posted by Amie / June 12, 2011

Between Gossip and Dreams at the Montreal Fringe FestivalSuitably impaired, I moved on to my second Montreal Fringe show of the night: "Between Gossip and Dreams". A musical set both in both modern day Iraq and 1937 Berlin, the story compares two wars through drag, infidelity, and a whole lot (or lack) of cleavage. Fortunately ridiculous prices of booze at the Cabaret du Mile-End ("$18 for a half pitcher of sangria? Just water, thanks.") helped me sober up enough to catch the surprise ending/moral of the story.

"Wartime cabaret"...Didn't that genre end with Liza Minnelli?

Compared with "Austen for the Attention-Impaired" which featured two lone actors, "Between Gossip and Dreams" features a veritable mob of thespians and musicians.

The nice thing about a musical in Fringe is that even the long ballads are relatively short, so you don't get bored listening to a 5-minute musical soliloquy.

And you do get a catchy little drag number from actor Chris Hayes who just moments before was in in the role of an army officer. The women sitting in front of me also appreciated the dance number and definitely knew him (and were definitely drunk, though they'd missed the first show of the evening when it would have helped more), and cheered all his sexual innuendo lines enthusiastically. If anyone in the audience somehow missed the fact that "she" was really a "he" (though I'll admit I am jealous of his legs), the two helpful ladies gladly pointed it out for you...loudly. Thanks.

Despite strong acting from a few scotch and wine-drinking businessmen back in 1937, the various plots get a little lost, then come together too quickly and conveniently, and the show goes on a bit longer than you want it to, but maybe I should have splurged on the sangria and just relaxed.

And that's part of the fun of Fringe - two plays watched and it was only 9pm. There are hits and misses, but generally there's something to like in every production, and even if the bad outweighs the good, you're not stuck in the theatre for hours. A half pitcher of sangria (or a much cheaper beer) later and you're back out on the street on the hunt for the next great Fringe show.

Between Gossip and Dreams
Psychic Puppy Productions
When: Tues. June 14, 10:45pm; Wed. June 15, 6pm; Sat June 18, 9:30pm; Sun. June 19, 2:!5pm
Where: Caberet du Mile-End, 5240 avenue du Parc (at Fairmount)
How Much: $12
How to Buy Tickets: Online, at the Fringe Box Office (Parc des Ameriques, St-Laurent and Rachel), or 1 hour before the show at the venue



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