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Smart Design Mart - The Answer to your Holiday Shopping Woes (THIS WEEKEND)

Posted by Cheryl / December 2, 2011

20111202_mmpix_smartdesignmart.jpgLike most individuals, I struggle with Holiday shopping. It isn't because I don't like shopping, or that I'm not good at it (just the opposite actually). The problem is, I'm incredibly critical of myself and of what I give to others. I want to give that "Wow!" gift. The one that everyone turns and says "OOH I wish I thought of that" and "OMG CHERYL! Where did you even find that?" But let's be honest here kids, that reaction is a rarity and really, who has enough time to put in all that effort to find that one special gift? That's right. No one does. And there just haven't been any events held in Montreal that could possible fulfill this unselfish need.

Until now.

Smart Design Mart is not another decoupage-laden, quilt-filled, amateur mic night of a craft fair. This place is chock full of fantastic and beautifully designed one of a kind pieces, that will have everyone wishing they were important enough to be on your gift list.

Want a cute one of a kind sweater for Grandma? You'll find it. Some freshly knitted winter tuques for the kids? Yep, definitely.
A bow tie that looks like a moustache for your boyfriend? Hell yes. How about an awesome contemporary painting of a melting abominable snowman waving his arms angrily at imaginary people for Uncle Benoit? YEP, THEY HAVE THAT.

And it's happening all weekend long.

Two years ago, I was invited to paint with En Masse for Smart Design Mart. I had no idea what the event was, and to be honest, at the time I didn't really care. I saw it as another opportunity to paint with this fantastic bunch of people (En Masse). When I got there, I kicked myself for not bringing cash with me to the event (most vendors take cash only) and promised myself not to make the same mistake again. This year however, I am saving myself from yet another disappointing mall mission by setting Smart Design Mart as my first (and hopefully last) stop in Holiday shopping. Don't believe me? Feel free to drop by this evening and say hello to me and my mounds of purchases while I paint with En Masse.


Smart Design Mart
December 2 (5-9pm), December 3 (11-6pm), December 4 (12-5pm)
160 St. Viateur East, 2nd Floor

For more information on vendors and directions check out their blog here

Header photo courtesy of Smart Design Mart



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