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Lori Nix "The City" & Pierre Blanchette "Signes" on Monk Blvd

Posted by Cindy / November 1, 2012

20121101LoriNix.jpgSometimes exploration can take the viewer to another world, or in this case, on the same street, but in another part of the city this viewer is unfamiliar with. Monk Boulevard, in the heart of Ville Emard, is the home of two exhibits this Autumn, one reflecting a discovery in symbols, while the other reflects on the environment (and also experiments with using the environment as a canvas).

20121101LoriNix2.jpgIn New York based artist Lori Nix's recent project, "The City", she depicts a dark point of view on the future for the working class part of Montreal. Explored for the first time, Monk boulevard looks like an area filled with bars and depaneurs. However, when looked at carefully, the street itself becomes part of the installation. "The City" is a ongoing series of dioramas turned photographs of sad environments such as "Laundromat at Night" and "The Map Room", in a post apocalyptic perspective. It's then placed on the side of buildings as part of an open air exhibit. This is part of the MAP project, where the objective is to exhibit works of art and their awareness using public accessibility.

20121101LoriNix3.jpgAs one of the photographs is placed on the side of the Maison de La Culture Marie-Uguay on Monk, there's also a retrospective in a traditional gallery setting inside. Quebec artist Pierre Blanchette's "Signes" is a collection of large contemporary murals playing on the symbolic meanings of shapes and colours he has created over the last 30 years. Blanchette explores in his paintings the symbolic meaning of geometric shapes and bold colours as the central focus for the viewer.

Both artists are exhibiting their exploration in their works, and it is well worth the trek to Monk boulevard for everyone willing to explore.


Lori Nix's "The City" on Monk Boulevard until the end of Autumn
Pierre Blanchette "Signes" at Maison de la Culture Marie-Uguay, 6052 Monk, until November 25th
Metro Monk/Bus 36 east



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Lori Nix "The City" & Pierre Blanchette "Signes" on Monk Blvd
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