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JFL Preview: Eddie Izzard

Posted by Bryan / July 20, 2013

Acclaimed British comedian Eddie Izzard is hosting a JFL gala next week. We got to chat with him about his comedy, his long-distance running and his political engagement.

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JFL Preview: Godfrey

Posted by Bryan / July 18, 2013

Godfrey Dancimah returns to Just for Laughs this year, hosting Date Night and his own solo show,The Godfrey Complex.I got to sit down and spend a few minutes chatting with Godfrey about his humour, his career and his thoughts on the comedy industry...

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Festival Juste Pour Rire: À quel point l'humour francophone est-il différent de celui des anglos?

Posted by Emily Hill / July 16, 2013

Appendices2.pngÇa y est. Le festival Juste Pour Rire 2013 a commencé. Mettant en vedette des stars autant anglophones que francophones, le festival met les deux approches d'humour côte à côte. Forcement ça relève des comparisons et criques. Mais sont-elles justes?

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Field Report - A sonic field trip through the Plateau

Posted by Mike G. / June 9, 2013

Generator_1.JPGI went on a field trip on Saturday night. We met up in front of Salla Rosa, natch, with Gambletron — a Montreal sound artist wearing an outfit that was part mad scientist and part superhero bedecked in gizmos she used to generate a soundscape of clicks, clacks, noise, and techno beats — and her radio emitter as our guides.

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Nuit Blanche: The Contemporary Art Museum

Posted by Christine / March 6, 2013

20130305-Cohen.jpg Saturday night, I stealthily angled my body sideways, hunched slightly, and slipped through the crowds milling around Place-des-Arts -a city sashaying method I've perfected over the years. I paused and wiped away the snowflakes that had clustered over my eyelashes to observe a Ferris Wheel whose frame was outlined with vibrant blue and fuchsia lights. Leaving the whirl of fluorescence behind me, I eventually landed at the end of a line curling around the Contemporary Art Museum. Rosy-cheeked children in snowsuits sat on their fathers' shoulders while the adult boots below shuffled along intermittently. Couples leaned in to one another for added warmth or for added romance, maybe both. Their coats, all of them, were dusted with snow.

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Posted by Christine / January 29, 2013

MKM.jpg Two years ago, local actors and all around funny fellas Matthew Raudsepp, Kyle Gatehouse, and Matthew Gagnon moved into an apartment together -a meeting of creative minds that would result in the aptly named (M&K&

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