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Burger Week Double Header: Burger Royal + ART:brgr

Posted by Adriana / September 7, 2013

It's your last day to snag some fine samples of meat&bun flair from all over the city as we near the close of this year's edition of Le Burger Week...with Cheese. Head on over to ART:brgr and Burger Royal to bask in their creative offerings, and of course, don't forget to vote!

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SE Asian Boys' Club @ Satay Brothers

Posted by Adriana / August 30, 2013


Chronically underepresented on the Montreal food scene, Satay Brothers firmly and decisively steals the crown of South East Asian food-fare dominance from the likes of Thai Express franchises and the few smatterings of Vietnamese pho' joints inhabiting the fringes of Chinatown. Sample their satay swagger at the Atwater Market today on the last Friday night of their extended summer hours with what they promise will be a little bit of a party and an ending with a bang.

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Today Check Out First Fridays: Food Truck Feasting @ the Olympic Park

Posted by Adriana / July 4, 2013

First Fridays Olympic Stadium Grumman '78 Hibiscus.jpg
Already on its third edition of this less-than-stellar-summer and prepped to extend all the way into October, L'Esplanade Financiere Sun Life and the area surrounding the Olympic Stadium host First Fridays on the self-explanatory first Friday of each month: wrangling a host of food trucks into a conveniently confined setting and allowing us to indulge in the excess of mobile dining with none of the pseudo-excercise of having to chase them down.

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Yelp Helps! Invades Fringe @ Parc des Ameriques: Photo Recap

Posted by Adriana / June 19, 2013

Yelp Helps Mtl.JPG Whether they came to proffer their valuable manhours to a rainbow of worthy organizations or just rub elbows with local and not-so-local foodie sponsors, Yelp's Montreal chapter certainly knew the perfect recipe for hosting a rousingly successful second edition of their feel-good networking meet-up, Yelp Helps!

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Sweet Fantasy: Brunch at Regine Cafe

Posted by Adriana / May 31, 2013

Hangover Ceasar Regine Cafe.JPG

Maybe you're one to judge a restaurant by it's namesake. If you're anything like me, upon first hearing mention of Regine Cafe, images of traditional diner fare dished up by someone's belle vieille tante Reg initially filled my head. And while these greasy spoon-type breakfasts are certainly not without merit, Regine Cafe certainly falls short of any of these nominal preconceptions- it's certinly not what you'd expect, unless of course your old franco aunt has a neon-tinged old-World baroque & brocade fetish to serve alongside your brunch order.

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Quaintness and Excess: Brunch at Maison Publique

Posted by Adriana / March 30, 2013


"There was no brunch during World War II, or when we built the railroads, or when we went to the moon. People got up in the morning, had a breakfast, and then did things."

I remember reading this humourously misanthropic diatribe by a New York Daily reporter against the apparently over-indulgent weekend dining ritual, surprised to see that there are those who believe that the indolent semi-meal of brunch should be abolished. They complain about these happy lingerers, sipping on the dregs of bloody Ceasars long after polite conversation has already worn thin, waiting to foot the bill for their expensive eggs, and trying to delay the dawning march of the imminent work week for just a little longer.

But what a wholly inaccurate picture of what brunch could, and should be!

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