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A Message from Sergio

Posted by Amy / August 2, 2007

‚??Where‚??s Ted?‚?Ě Trigger Effect‚??s singer/screamer, Panic Babeu, barks, turning his back to the audience. ‚??Where the f*ck is Ted from Jerk Appeal?‚?Ě Ted raises a glass of beer from the front row.

‚??I can‚??t even look at you,‚?Ě Panic continues, ‚??but I‚??ve got a message from Sergio.‚?Ě Sergio looks up from his bass, legs stretched wide in a stance worthy of Pantera, and laughs as the band blazes into another razor sharp song, leaving the message unspoken.

Trigger Effect‚??s punk is the kind capable of ripping a crowd into a vicious frenzy. This band is pissed off, but they‚??ve chosen musical violence over physical threat. Their set is relentless, and the crowd, white-knuckled, seems to ask with their eyes, ‚??Should we break something? Burn something down?‚?Ě

These feelings are precisely why Trigger Effect and Jerk Appeal make perfect show mates. Trigger Effect is the kind of punk that spits, but before the crowd can start its riot, Jerk Appeal appears on stage smiling. Front-man Ted Minett (a cross between Joe Cocker, Iggy Pop, a buddy from High School, and your grand-pappy) shakes and flops his arms and ass to the band‚??s fun-time-guy brand of punk rock n‚?? roll as if to say, ‚??It‚??s cool ‚?? everything‚??s okay. Don‚??t destroy ‚?? Dance!‚?Ě thus sparing Petit Campus from wall-ripping devastation.

Ted (Yang) leans down from the stage, well-earned sweat dripping from his face, so Panic (Yin) can whisper the message in his ear.

‚??I love you. That‚??s from Sergio.‚?Ě

‚?¶and they punked happily ever after.

Beaver Broke My Heart

Posted by Amy / August 2, 2007


Listen: I just got word that local art-house rocker Beaver (Sheppard) is down to his last hundred copies of the limited edition album you can only control instincts when they come.

The newfie transplant released this piece of super-raw, lo-fi, vinyl heartbreak in January of 2007, and has since been steadily selling copies around Montreal‚??s underground.

I have rarely heard an album as honest and moving as you can only‚?¶, and I‚??m grateful that I got my hands on a copy before it was too late.

Hear a song for yourself
and tell me if I‚??m crazy.
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