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Hot Spit: Talib Kweli @ Metropolis

Posted by Amy / September 2, 2007

I don‚??t know about y‚??all, but when I go to see a big hip hop show I like to see my favourite MCs with a live band, so when I saw the stage at Metropolis for Talib Kweli I was a bit disappointed. Single console. Two turntables and a laptop. Oh well.

Luckily, my disappointment didn‚??t last long. Talib is a smart, dynamic and versatile MC, as tonal as he is rhythmic. That kid‚??s got enough rhythm to turn my disappointment to slack-jawed awe in under 90 seconds. His DJ, Chaps, is a master of the quick-cut table style. He didn‚??t scratch much last night, but when he did, it was with authority.

The real revelation of the night, though, was guest MC Jean Grae (born Tsidi Ibrahim). The former music/business major spat like she owned the Metropolis. Drinking red wine, wearing an apron and blowing rhymes like I-don‚??t-know-what, she held her own in stage presence and straight skills with the tongue n throat talents of Talib Kweli himself.

All the artists of the night are signed to Talib‚??s not-just-a-label-but-a-philosophy Black Smith.

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miami VICE beach PARTY: le lancement du site-web Viceland QC

Posted by Amy / August 31, 2007

When I told people I was going to a launch party for VICELAND Quebec, some were confused. Didn‚??t VICE Magazine start out in Montreal?

La premiere (mais pas seule) difference entre VICE QC et les autres sites-web VICE est le fait qu‚??il est uniquement francais.
This frenchness required a party. A big one, with free beer, sick DJs (Crawdaddy Simon played TWO French-language Small Faces covers!), and ‚??it‚?? bands like the honest and darling (dylan met the stones in a garage) Chocolat.
Why the hype? Simple. Only VICE can throw a VICE party, mais en francais, il y a encore plus de ‚??je ne sais quoi‚??.

Only VICE has enough see-and-be-scenester clout to fill a club at 7:30 at night.
Only VICE would set up an easy and democratic email RSVP system and check names at the door, making everybody feel like a Somebody.
Only VICE would promise a pool party in a bar then leave the dry un-inflated swim bowl in a crumpled heap against a wall at the end of the room. To quote VICE magazine‚??s popular Do‚??s and Don‚??ts feature: That‚??s what being a Do is all about. Not caring.
Only VICE would find that elusive unknown, slick dive ‚?? sleazy but not scary, with just enough odd to balance the kitsch. Prices at Bar Chez Clo Clo were stiffer than the mixed drinks, but with VICE giving out free beer until 9 and no cover charge, it seemed crazy to complain.

Alors check VICE QC et check aussi Chez Clo Clo. $5 les Samedis. Du karaoke? Mais bien sur! On chant pour VICE est ses partys claquants.


Weekend At L'Esco's: Bionic / Starvin Hungry

Posted by Amy / August 25, 2007


Friday night Bionic tore through their set like every second of it burned their skin. Like a band screaming, running through a house on fire. Not surprising considering that they‚??ve been oiling their machine on a west n‚?? back tour of Canada. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the air in the city was as scorched as the devil‚??s beard last night, but even Bionic‚??s older material (turn you out was particularly heavy) flashed and seared like heat lightning.

Taking the stage tonight are Montreal‚??s underground underdogs, Starvin Hungry. 2007 may turn out to be this band‚??s year, with upcoming dates in the USA, touring with the devastating Besnard Lakes. Catch them at their best tonight ‚?? hot, sweaty, sexy and, well‚?¶ hungry.

Bionic and Starvin Hungry have records out this year on DJ Ram‚??s new label Signed By Force. (More on Ram later‚?¶)

Starvin Hungry tonight (Aug.25) at L‚??Escogriffe. 4467 A St-Denis. $5.

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Ooooo, Metal Mama: Find Love at Katacombes

Posted by Amy / August 21, 2007


Okay Metal Heads, Wednesday night‚??s the time to crawl out from your dark lairs and spend the witching hour at Katacombes seeking out the Metal Mama of your dreams.

The DJ, Satannick, is a bit of a Dark Princess herself, booking shows and publishing a Xeroxed ‚??zine called Morbid Tales. The next issue (#6) will be out this winter. When Satannick‚??s behind the wheels, you‚??ll hear everything from Motorhead to Celtic Frost to Metalucifer.

But here‚??s the clincher for you lonely long-hairs: On Satannick‚??s DJ night, Katacombes offers FREE SHOTS for ladies when they order beer (1 pitcher = 4 shots!). Don‚??t worry Gents, beer is cheap for you too ($9 micro-brew pitchers).

To seal the deal, Satannick slows... things... down... from 2 til close to create a rock-mantic atmosphere of heaviness, psychedelia and doom.

To sum up: Ladies who love metal and booze, and men who love ladies who love metal and booze, spend your Wednesday nights at Katacombes. Find love.

Katacombes: 1222 St-Laurent
DJ Satannick spins every Wednesday night.
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Time's Up for Le Black Jack

Posted by Amy / August 10, 2007


A couple of weeks ago The Mirror‚??s Johnson Cummins hipped us to, TIME‚??S UP, an upcoming rock night in at Le Black Jack in St-Henri. Only thing was that the ‚??evening of the best in weird punk, psychedelic, garage, progressive, metal and more‚?Ě hadn‚??t happened yet. So if I may pick up where JC left off‚?¶

Here‚??s the skinny:

‚?Ę The DJs are killer, dropping everything from Fucked Up! to Chad and Jeremy. Several DJs take the wheels to drive the music throughout the night.
‚?Ę The regulars are un-phased by the presence of the Ultra-hip.
‚?Ę Beer is capital ‚??C‚?? cheap.
‚?Ę Black Jack‚??s d√©cor is strip-club meets sports-bar. Ghetto fabulous if you dig televisions, mirrors, VLTs and irony.
‚?Ę Bartender Celine pours stiff drinks with a kind smile. She works every Thursday.

People are saying that this night is great for kids who live in the South West. I‚??d go one metro stop farther and say that it‚??s worth the ride from just about anywhere in town.

Every Thursday. Le Black Jack. 3800 Notre Dame W.


Daft Punk: Pyramid Scheme

Posted by Amy / August 8, 2007


Years ago club owners and party throwers realized that one or two guys pushing buttons and/or flipping records behind a console would never be as visually compelling as a live band. The solution? Crazy. Light. Show.

Last night, Daft Punk turned the Bell Centre into the best club in town, hauling enough strobes, lasers, flashers and blinkers to convince show-goers that they had been transported to a futuristic, neon alien universe. A centre-stage pyramid served as both a riser for the two house legends, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, and as the show‚??s major source of eye-candy. It burned the retinas with everything from swimming rainbows to wistful photos of plants, planets and people. (Click here for a video clip of their London show).

DP was able to make the leap from clubby techno to the pop charts ‚?? with enough of a following to warrant booking the Bell Centre - for two reasons. One: They know how to work a crowd. Dressed as inter-galactic robots the duo played over an hour of four-on-the-floor before taking a short break to accept the ecstasy-laden (chemical and emotional) cheers of the near-capacity crowd. The set followed the club formula ‚?? build, build, build, explode, mellow, repeat ‚?? with flawless timing and energy. Two: Daft Punk‚??s music is darn catchy. It‚??s dance (ie Beat) driven, but when a clear vocal line or melody breaks through, it‚??s the type to get stuck in the head for days.

One more time‚?¶
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