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The Fundamentals want you to Get Alright

Posted by Andrés / July 16, 2012

20100716_fundamentals3.jpgReleasing tomorrow, July 17th, on Stomp Records, "Get Alright" is The Fundamentals' first full-length record. I had the opportunity to sit down with Reggie McLean (vocals, guitar), Julia Gellman (trumpet) and Pete Andrews (trombone) of The Fundamentals before their cross-Canada tour this summer to get the lowdown on their band, the album, and the trials and tribulations of contemporary ska.

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Say It Ain't So! Montreal Mirror folds.

Posted by Andrés / June 22, 2012

20120622_montrealmirror.jpgI may be a an eight hour flight away from home and in a foreign atmosphere, but the wind was nonetheless knocked out of me this evening (afternoon for you) when I read that the Montral Mirror has published its final edition after 27 years in publication. This is tragic for Montreal's anglophone community, and for the arts and culture of the city regardless of language. It may not have catered to every segment of the population, but it has been the most reliable and readable free weekly, with a great guide of music, film, theatre and art show listings. Now it's gone. And there really is no backup for the Mirror. Voir, while now the next best available option, is dry in comparison.

The void left by the Mirror's exit is left to the various blogs, Midnight Poutine included, that have also been an indirect cause to the death of the publication. It is indeed a sad day for Montreal's cultural community, but it's also an opportunity for the rest of us to step up our game and to bring a voice as unique and a service as complete as we've expected from the Mirror these last few decades. We may not have an awesome sex column (editors?), but we will continue to deliver a top quality (and also highly rated) podcast every week of upcoming shows, band interviews and other Montral news.

It's also time for you, the readers, to step up and become more involved in the Montreal arts and culture community, and to make sure that lack of coverage does not equate to lack of participation.

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Call & Response: PARLOVR

Posted by Andrés / May 22, 2012

20120522_parlovr.jpgIt's an exciting week for Montral band, PARLOVR, who have a release party for their second LP Kook Soul this Thursday at Jackie and Judy, and then are the subject of a Polaris Record Salon at Casa del Popolo on Saturday. Band members (from left to right) Alex, Jeremy and Louis seem to be taking it all in stride, or at least that's the impression they gave during an informal interview with MP at their practice space in Rosemont. Jeremy and Louis warmed us up, while Alex, who Jeremy described as the Holden Caulfield of the group ("He's allergic to phonies"), kept mostly silent, eating fruit and setting up for practice. Despite an attempt to sabotage the interview by offering a faulty stool, the band gave some insight on their new album, waxed nostalgic about drunken antics in Dubai, run-ins with a Nazi bouncer, and espoused their views on how they'd like to cover Montral in tons of spaghetti.

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Reel Forecast: Experience a bit of film history, discover the worlds of Hayao Miyazaki and watch George A. Romero's Martin in 16mm!

Posted by Andrés / April 12, 2012

20120412_reelforecast.jpg(Montreal film screenings for Apr. 13-19, 2012) This last year was certainly dedicated to the appreciation of film history. Martin Scorsese's Hugo celebrated the career of Georges Mlis, and The Artist was itself an ode to the silent film. In this same vein, Stphane Tessier and David Mayer will be re-creating an historical form of movie-watching at the Maison Brignon-dit-Lapierre (+) with an event titled Les P'tits Vues. After the turn of the century, when films were silent and inter-titles mostly English, local storytellers would often attend screenings and narrate the events of the film. These narrations were at times prepared, at times improvised. Experienced in historical narration and storytelling, Tessier and Mayer decided to give silent cinema a go. The free event is this Saturday, starting at 2pm. Films screened include shorts by Buster Keaton: The Electric House (pictured above) and The Blacksmith, and Charlie Chaplin: The Adventurer and The Immigrant. The event will be followed by a showcase of classic projectors. A must for anyone cinephile interested in film history.

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Habs finish in last place... to great applause

Posted by Andrés / April 8, 2012

20120408_canadiens2012.jpgSaturday night was a new experience for fans of the Montreal Canadiens. For the first time in history, our team finished last in the Eastern Conference (they once finished last in the seven-team NHL back in 39-40). Far from being the pathetic and humiliating finish one would have predicted, the team was sent off with raucous applause and appreciation following a decisive 4-1 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs - who in comparison have quite a bit of explaining to do after their precipitous drop in standings.

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Reel Forecast: Latin-American Film Festival, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and more

Posted by Andrés / April 6, 2012

20120406_reelforecast.jpgIt's always intriguing to see what filmmakers have to offer south of the States. While there is the occasional critical hit (The Secret in their Eyes, The Headless Woman), or a resurfaced surrealist filmmaker (Jodorowsky), I very rarely hear about the commercial or popular success of Mexican and South American films. Maybe it's because Canadian reality is so far removed from life in the southern hemisphere, but there seems to be a general lack of interest in Latin-American film. Such a shame, because as the 3rd Latin-American Film Festival's programming reveals, there's a lot of quality film to offer. And if you're asking yourself the question: "What have I watched from there since City of God?" it's high time to check this out at Cinma du Parc. The festival starts today. Here's a few highlights ripped from the festival's program:

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