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Dig Deep @ Art Souterrain February 25th to March 11

Posted by Cheryl / February 24, 2012

It is once again that magical time of the year when we as a city collectively head into the unknown hoping once more to be awestruck by my the magical art installations hidden below the depths of Montreal.

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Hats off to Art of Where

Posted by Cheryl / February 1, 2012

20120130_MPpics.jpgI love the "idea" of screen-printing art on fabrics. I often daydream of an unrealized talent in textiles, but alas I have neither the time nor the patience to follow through on such a pipedream.

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Smart Design Mart - The Answer to your Holiday Shopping Woes (THIS WEEKEND)

Posted by Cheryl / December 2, 2011

20111202_mmpix_smartdesignmart.jpgLike most individuals, I struggle with Holiday shopping. It isn't because I don't like shopping, or that I'm not good at it (just the opposite actually). The problem is, I'm incredibly critical of myself and of what I give to others. I want to give that "Wow!" gift. The one that everyone turns and says "OOH I wish I thought of that" and "OMG CHERYL! Where did you even find that?" But let's be honest here kids, that reaction is a rarity and really, who has enough time to put in all that effort to find that one special gift? That's right. No one does. And there just haven't been any events held in Montreal that could possible fulfill this unselfish need.

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