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Lori Nix "The City" & Pierre Blanchette "Signes" on Monk Blvd

Posted by Cindy / November 1, 2012

20121101LoriNix.jpgSometimes exploration can take the viewer to another world, or in this case, on the same street, but in another part of the city this viewer is unfamiliar with. Monk Boulevard, in the heart of Ville Emard, is the home of two exhibits this Autumn, one reflecting a discovery in symbols, while the other reflects on the environment (and also experiments with using the environment as a canvas).

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Photo Essay: The Rocky Horror Show at Mainline Theatre

Posted by Cindy / October 17, 2012

20121016RockyHorror(main).jpgMontrealers get an early taste of Halloween mayhem over at Mainline Theatre this week. Those of you familiar with the late night tradition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (where you throw rice and toast at the movie screen and callback the lines) will be as excited for the stage production of Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror show.

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POP MTL 2012 Photo Essay

Posted by Cindy / September 25, 2012

20120923POPmtl(main).jpgAfter 5 long nights of packed venues, church basements and plenty of beer, we can put the 2012 edition of POP Montreal to bed. Yes, it was a great time, from day parties to BBQs to basketball games, and even shows in clothing stores. Here are some photo highlights.

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POP MTL: Photo Recap of the First Three Days

Posted by Cindy / September 22, 2012

20120922POPmtl1.jpgThe great thing about POP Montreal is that you always get a something different at each show. It's always a new experience. As we go into POP weekend, here are photos from my last three days of POP hopping. I started off my week with the triple bill of Eight and a Half/Diamond Rings/Stars then checked out SUUNS at the Red Roof church. Young Galaxy had a "play in your living room" vibe at Breakglass Studios while Mr Muthafuckin'eXquire played to a packed hip hop crowd at Santa Cruz. The Yamantaka//Sonic Titan opera at Rialto was one of my favorites, visually incredible next to their experimental sound. Born Ruffians played to a BBQ crowd at a park in the daytime while A Tribe Called Red played to an afterhours crowd in a church basement at 2AM.

Here are highlights of the last few days of POP Montreal:

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The Polaris Music Prize Hangs with Pop Montreal

Posted by Cindy / September 18, 2012

polaris2012.jpgPop Montreal and the Polaris Prize will go hand in hand this week starting Tuesday when Divan Orange holds the Polaris Special Short list Salon at 5:30pm. Hosted by music critic Erik Leijon, the salon will feature a panel of Montreal's music experts in deep debate over who they think they should win this year's top prize. POP Montreal will have three of the finalists from the short list as well as several artists who made the long list at this year's edition. This years's Polaris winner will be announced at the Gala September 24th in Toronto. If you're curious to know who from the Polaris are playing at POP, here's the rundown:

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Photo Essay: OUMF Festival at Quartier Latin

Posted by Cindy / September 12, 2012

20120909OUMF01.jpgThe OUMF festival wrapped up last Saturday with a series of free events in the heart of the Quartier Latin. St Denis became the place to explore for four days of arts, culture and terrasses. It was a mix of street art, break dancing battles, films and street theatre. The festival closed with a series of free shows by Montreal acts Fanny Bloom, Socalled and Think About Life. Here are highlights from OUMF:

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