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Weekend of Anarchy: The Interview

Posted by Dave / May 19, 2007

ABF.jpg In the lead up to today's Anarchist bookfair/Salon du Livre Anarchiste (@CEDA 2515 rue Delisle, near Lionel Groulx Metro), I was fortunate enough to sit co-organizer Sara down for 5 hard hitting questions. Here they are in all their glory.

Three best memories from bookfairs past.

This question is no fair! Every second spent at the bookfair is a happy memory. So, I'll give you three examples:

1. The first year the Big M and I tabled for ABCF, all eager and earnest. We had this tiny little table, and we painstakingly laid out our few buttons and pamphlets about prisoners (which we had scrambled to finish the night before, of course). I totally picked out what I thought was a "militant" looking outfit. Just picture it! Aren't we the cutest things?

2. Ashanti Alston, the "Anarchist Panther," speaking to an absolutely rapt audience at his workshop a couple of years back. Man, that guy can tell a story! And he's one of the few people I've seen who brings such solid race, gender and class analysis to any issue. This year part of the bookfair proceeds will be given to Ashanti, whose rare collection of Black Panther literature was recently damaged in a flood.

3. The Kidz parade. I dare you to watch those little folks march through the bookfair space with their banners and signs, and not be moved beyond words.

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Weekend of Anarchy: Cabaret & Bookfair

Posted by Dave / May 17, 2007

AnarchistPhoto.jpg Forget the smell of popcorn and cotton candy. Forget about your seat on a whirling waltzer. This is no regular fair, this is the Montreal Anarchist Book-fair.Yes, it's that time of year again. It's time to stand up and fight for our rights, or at the very least, read a book about them.

This weekend, head down to CEDA at 2515 rue Delisle (Metro Lionel Groulx) for the 8th Annual Anarchist Bookfair/Salon du Livre Anarchiste. Saturday will include the bookfair proper, films, vendors, art, kids activities and more. Sunday will offer a day of anarchist workshops and presentations. Check out their website for a full rundown of films, workshops and presentations.

Not into reading? Well, worry not. The Weekend of Anarchy kicks off on Friday night with the Anarchist Cabaret being held at Main Hall (5390 St. Laurent Blvd.) at 8pm. The cabaret will feature an array of performances and speakers including Please Don't Put Charles on the Money, Sarah Mangle, Paula Belini, Marni & Melissa, On Bodies, Amal El Masri, Benoit Tremblay and Anartchy Marchy. The cabaret has a suggested donation of $5-7. This will be a great event for anyone new to the anarchist community or interested in seeing what it's all about. At the very least, you need to show up just to see the anarchist marching band!

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Make out music to kill by: Nekromantix @ Foufs

Posted by Dave / May 12, 2007

nekromantix.jpgMP alumnus Sara Falconer reports on the Nekromantix May 11th show:

Yes, it's a coffin-shaped standup bass. But that's not impressive. What's impressive is that lead singer Kim Nekroman can play it with his tongue.

Which is one of many reasons I squeezed into the old tiger print mini-dress and headed to see Nekromantix at Foufones Electriques (home of the surliest bar staff and meathead-iest bouncers in the city).

Formed in Denmark in 1989, psychobilly icons Nekromantix have churned out six albums of hip-swingin', dark, hilarious hits like Gargoyles Over Copenhagen and Dead Girls Don't Cry.

If it sounds a bit wanky, it is. But they don't take it too seriously. They sing about girls, being dead, girls, monsters and girls. It's fun, sexy, swaggering and frantic, and everyone has tall, tall hair.

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Supreme Court Puts The "No" Back In GitNo

Posted by Dave / February 23, 2007

20070223_harkat.jpgFollowing in the footsteps of Montreal's Olympic Stadium and Mirabel Airport, Canada may yet have another White Elephant on its hands. The Canadian Supreme Court today voted (unanimously, I might add) to strike down the controversial Security Certificate. What this could mean in the immediate future is the possible release of three prisoners from Guantanamo North/GitNo (GitNo is trademarked by me. You use it, you send me a cheque for $2.25CDN) who are currently on a three month long hunger strike. This may leave the Expensive/Purpose Built GitNo without tennants for the first time since the "Security Certificate Five" were imprisoned there.

There will be dancing on the streets of....well...probably nowhere....cause people probably won't understand how important this decision is.

For more detailed information on the fight/trial, have a look here.

Further information on GitNo (not to be confused with Gatineau) can be found here.

Children Prepare For Imminent Snowball Attack

Posted by Dave / February 19, 2007

SnowFort.jpgI came across this snow fort on L'Esplanade on my way to work this morning. A piece of architectural genius. I'm pretty sure it will withstand the strongest of snowball/small arms/zombie attack this part of town is likely to see. Good on ye kids. Keep up the good work.

Free Much More Retro For A Month

Posted by Dave / February 16, 2007

billy60.jpgFor those of you that chose to spend these cold snowy days locked indoors watching TV, Much More Retro is currently being offered for free to Videotron Illico subscribers (channel 120 on my box), and I can't get enough of it. Unfortunately it makes several things blindingly clear.

Firstly, I'm old. How is it that things I loved when I was 18 are now considered Retro? What is the official time limit for something to start being presented under the "hey, remember this?" way of thinking? "Of course I remember it, it was only......crap, has it been that long?"

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