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John Lurie @ the MMFA

Posted by Denis / August 6, 2007

20070805_John Lurie.jpg

Celebrities who paint: Sylvester Stallone. Tony Bennett. Martin Mull. Josh friggin' Hartnett. André motherf#$%ing 3000?!?

Thank God John Lurie isn't your typical celebrity. In fact, many people may be wondering who the hell he is, but he is famous, and up until now, visual art had little or nothing to do with it. Lurie has the distinction of already having multiple artistic talents and endeavours, ranging from acting to music and, strangely enough, sport fishing. So painting shouldn't come as that much of surprise, considering the company he kept in the 80's: Schnabel, Basquiat, Warhol...

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Bruce Nauman @ the MAC

Posted by Denis / June 13, 2007

20070614_Bruce Nauman.jpg
Ah, the eighties. Wide shoulder pads, leotards, gold lame fabric, cold grey concrete minimalism and neon coloured‚?¶ everything. They‚??re back, of course. Saunter down St-Laurent any evening, pass by an American Apparel or check out the shoes on sale at Urban Outfitters and the evidence is clear: the ugliness, the gaudiness of the eighties is, apparently, in. (Clearly, anyone who thinks it‚??s cool to dress in the gaudy colours and fabrics, slap on thick strings of gold Chainon jewellery and fish-bowl-sized Granny shades was obviously too young to recall the trauma the tackiness of the eighties caused the first time!)

And when you see Bruce Nauman‚??s neon light-centric show at the MAC, the eighties come to mind faster than you can say Tron.

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√?ric Simon at Graff

Posted by Denis / May 28, 2007

20070528_√?ric Simon GRAFF.jpg
First thing you think of when you see √?ric Simon's current body of work is: this dude can paint.

Pop into Graff and check out his Portrait séquentiel: Arwa series (named after the student who posed for the portrait - no S - it's all one piece) and see for yourelf - the technical brilliance is obvious in the sixteen-part portrait revolving (literally!) around a head. But with Simon, it isn't all about technical perfection.

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Iran Do Espirito Santo @ the MMFA

Posted by Denis / May 18, 2007

More Montreal Biennale 2007 action!

Brazilian artist Iran Do Espirito Santo‚??s in situ installation for the Montreal Biennale is titled D√©ja Vu, which is kind of appropriate since the artist has re-created a work executed in 2000 at the Americas Society of New York.

Now, let‚??s be clear on one thing: minimalism isn‚??t for everyone - but instead of walking in, scoffing and walking right back out, give it a chance, take a second, and remember that the work, as a whole, is supposed to simulate a picture gallery.

And it does a good job!

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Comic Craze @ The Saidye Bronfman Center

Posted by Denis / May 17, 2007

20070517_ComicCraze1_BettinaHoffman.jpg‚??Crack the Sky aims to challenge viewers with a range of propositions, driven by the ideas of mostly Canadian cultural producers and shaped by new media. The majority of the artworks are generally interrelated by an overarching genre hybridity and an elliptical return to shifting border concepts.‚?Ě

Translated from artsy-fartsy doublespeak, this means that this year‚??s CIAC-organized, Montreal Biennale has a little bit of everything. Including, but not limited to, the single greatest art form of all ... comic books! Saunter over to the Liane and Danny Taran Gallery at the Saidye Bronfman Center for the Arts and for the admission price of zip, nada, nil, zilch, you too can check out just how incredibly cool, crafty and varied sequential art can get.

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Teeth & Art - Galerie Dentaire!

Posted by Denis / May 8, 2007

Personally, I can‚??t think of anything that goes better together than the odd root canal and contemporary painting. Ask certain closed-minded Monet-lovers and one pretty much equals the other as far as they‚??re concerned.
But they haven‚??t met galeriste Jean Fortin and his partner Dr. Marc Raper, whose mandate, with their intriguing combo-space Galerie Dentaire , centers around respect for the artists they deal with and a self-effacing attitude towards anyone who‚??d like to pop in ‚?? not for a cleaning or a crown ‚?? but for a look around at the latest exhibition.

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