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A New Use for Peanut Butter - Anatol Spices

Posted by Emily / April 19, 2008

Anatol Spices on St. Laurent is where it‚??s at. What is it, you ask? It, my friends, is every type of spice, snack, and candy you can think of. Plus a whole lot of stuff that doesn‚??t fit into any of those categories. Every time I go there expecting to come out with a little on-the-go snack, I emerge with a big bag full of goodies.

Take yesterday, for example. I walked into the store wanting nothing more than some lokoum (aka Turkish delight).

I came out with a tub of all-natural peanut butter, a jar of mole sauce, a container of Jamaican jerk sauce, an enormous bag of wasabi mix, and the Turkish and Lebanese versions of lokoum (how could I not compare, when they were both right there?). When I got home, I had myself a nice little desk picnic (okay, maybe not so little).

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Kam Ho Faux Pas

Posted by Emily / April 13, 2008

A few days ago, someone commented on Kim‚??s Hot & Spicy post that she should check out Kam Ho on MacKay for some Cantonese food (thanks Jeff!). Seeing as how the place is right in my hood and I‚??d never heard of it, I recruited a buddy and we set off to investigate.

My friend is from Hong Kong by way of Toronto, so she knows a good Cantonese restaurant when she sees one. She was head-over-heels in love with this place. As for me, my favorite Chinese restaurant (Wing Fa, 3474 Parc) may soon be bumped down to second place.

The menu at Kam Ho is quite long and it wasn‚??t entirely clear how it was divided up (apart from one page devoted to Szechuan cuisine). The prices, which elicited squeals of delight from my friend and I, range from $7.50 to $10 for generously portioned main dishes and rice.

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Pastry Break - Pasticceria Alati-Caserta

Posted by Emily / April 11, 2008

Friends, last weekend was the pits. The sun was shining, the air was warm, people were smiling on the sidewalk, and I was stuck inside. I spent almost the entire weekend chipping away at a monstrous pile of work that should have been done a month ago. I swear, my backside has been permanently misshapen from having sat at my desk chair for too long.

Around 3 o‚??clock on Sunday afternoon, I was desperate for a break. And by break, I mean I needed some sugar ASAP. My roommate recommended her favorite high-energy snack: oatmeal with hot chocolate mix and peanut butter (she is literally a genius). But I was also desperate for photons, and I must admit I wanted to waste as much time as possible, so I decided to head out to Pasticeria Alati-Caserta near the Jean-Talon market.

When I got there, the place smelled amazing ‚?? like I‚??d just walked into a giant box of fresh cannoli.

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A New Take on Easter at Sucrerie du Soleil

Posted by Emily / March 21, 2008

There is a giant bunny rabbit waving to passers by on Mont-Royal and an enclosure full of goats and chickens in Complexe Desjardins. Could it be‚?¶ is it‚?¶ Easter weekend?

It‚??s tough to pick up on the subtle signs, but there‚??s one way that I know for sure that the time of Peeps and pastels has arrived: my urge to buy enormous chocolate animals is even stronger than usual. And today, I gave in.

When I was walking around the Plateau this afternoon, dodging giant rabbits right and left, I passed Sucrerie du Soleil and wandered in to see if they could meet my chocolate-animal needs.

Jackpot. The candy shop has a veritable menagerie of chocolate animals. Sure, they‚??ve got the usual bunnies and chickens (adult and baby versions). But they‚??ve also got fish, frogs, horses, cows, and at least one lion. They don‚??t even stick to animals; I noticed a delicious looking dark chocolate motorcyclist and a milk chocolate soccer player.

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Froment et de Sève

Posted by Emily / March 18, 2008


The sun is shining and the thick layer of ice that has blanketed the sidewalks for the past (seems like) eight years is finally melting‚?¶ it‚??s walkin‚?? season again! Last Sunday I got the old sneaks out from under the bed, charged up my ipod and went for the first walk of spring.

Okay, so it wasn‚??t the prettiest of days. But I wasn‚??t going to let a few clouds get between me and my destination: Froment et de S√®ve, a little bakery on Beaubien (d‚??Iberville metro).

This bakery has something for everyone. Chocolate croissants seemed to be the most popular; as they were almost gone by the time I got there. There were also brownies, carrot cake, mini tarts and pies, and of course an array of breads that are made every morning.

Since the fresh air and exercise had put me in a particularly generous mood, I decided to get a few things and split them with the roomies (this was also my excuse to OD on pastries). On my way home, I munched on a chocolate croissant and tried to do a bit of people watching, but it was a bit awkward since most of the people I passed seemed to be staring longingly at my croissant.

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Cotton Mouth at Johnny Chin‚??s

Posted by Emily / March 10, 2008

A warm, freshly made waffle, smothered in peanut butter and condensed milk. Now tell me that doesn‚??t sound like the breakfast of champions. Well, maybe you‚??d need to be particularly hardy to handle such a rich meal in the morning, but this inspired concoction certainly makes a great dessert.

As I was wandering around Chinatown last Friday evening, munching on a bahn mi from Hoang Oanh, I had one thought on my mind: candy. I considered heading into one of the grocery stores to rediscover the mysterious and wonderful world of Chinese sweets, but then I saw an even more appealing option.

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