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Monday's Media Morsels - June 11

Posted by Hannah / June 11, 2007

20070611_news.jpgWow. If you don't want to read about the F1, news is really sparse. There's the usual death and despair: hit-and-runs, cars slamming into city buses.

But it's not often you read about complaints over a donkey's slang. Yes, Shrek the third (or whatever it's called) was dubbed in France (not Quebec) sending many of the quips flying over the heads of Quebecois children.

After a weekend of sloth (sidewalk sales, F1 racing, patios), it might interest you to spend some time with Best Kaya this afternoon. The Sit-up King will do two hours of sit-ups this afternoon...about 2,000 to raise money for the YMCA du Parc. Need the burn? Love the burn? Join him at the Parc Y at 5:30 p.m.

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Monday's Media Morsels - June 4

Posted by Hannah / June 4, 2007

20070604_news.jpgFormula 1 seems to be the top news story of the day. Now that the two-wheelers have left the island, the city will welcome the four-wheeled machines to Ile Ste-Helene this weekend. Listen for the whine of their engines waft up to the Plateau on Saturday.

The Globe reports that Montreal and its suburbs are eating up the surrounding unprofitable farmland. The city's appetite has been voracious, yet it hasn't gained much girth: 50,000 hectares has been rezoned since 1994, despite the city's slow growth.

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Mixed messages

Posted by Hannah / June 1, 2007

20070601_graffit.jpgSeveral weeks ago, you may recall, Montreal mayor Gerald Tremblay took offense to urban art, threatening to hold property owners responsible for the graffiti on their buildings. Here's a solution: organize an urban art contest. The Brazilian beer Brahma has paired up with the borough of Ville Marie to launch an urban art competition. The winning designs will be spray painted onto 6 walls in the city's core, to "spruce up the area."

Photo by Mike9alive

Monday's Media Morsels - May 14

Posted by Hannah / May 14, 2007

20070514_news.jpgA couple of Concordia students have put podcast to fibre-optic internet cables and produced Project 55, an oral history of the Main told by immigrants and first generation Montrealers. Brilliant, really.

Just in case you missed it over the weekend, Duceppe has dropped out of the leadership race, effectively canceling the event. Best quote from the story?
"Surprised? My arms fell off," said former Bloc MP Richard Marceau, chuckling. "I was really surprised."

Is this a Quebecois expression? "My arms fell off?" Who knew?

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Friday news - May 11

Posted by Hannah / May 11, 2007

20070511_news.jpgThe wisdom of the internet reveals that Fridays are for beer, fun, forgetting and job interviews. Screw the last one. This Friday in particular is your last chance to vote Midnight Poutine for Best Blog. Follow the links and do your job. It's Friday.

As Quebec sets the stage for its May 24 budget, we find that the province's debt is the highest in Canada and climbing. Repairs to roads and bridges are setting us back. Wouldn't it be easier if we all drove personal hovercrafts, and floated above the rubble?

Patrick Swayze isn't the only one with Hungry Eyes. Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe will make a political long jump and run for the Parti Quebecois leadership.

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St. Laurent Construction Watch - night edition

Posted by Hannah / May 8, 2007

20070508_ladder.jpgThis week the crew of St. Laurent Construction Watch stepped out for a night time visit of the street's clutter. We're happy to report that many of the machines between Prince Arthur and Pine Avenue were left out in the open, calling for passers by to climb in and take photos of themselves pretending to be surly construction workers. Midnight Poutine maintained its dignity and did not participate in these antics.

Although the worst of the construction has moved north, towards Rachel, the most glamourized section of St. Laurent remains pock-ridden, dripping and dusty. Random pipes, like the one outside of Le Pistol, have been sending a fine mist onto passers by for days, if not weeks, and others, heavily corroded, continue to drip into shallow puddles the colour of milky coffee.

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