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Marc Ribot@Sala Rosa 06/04/07

Posted by Jade / June 6, 2007

06062007-marcribot.jpg"That last one was called 'The Joy of Repetition'," Marc Ribot said Monday night to the crowd at Sala Rosa -- a crowd so respectfully quiet that you could hear floorboards creak as people shifted their weight. "I wrote it after I fired my therapist."

That got a good chuckle. But it occurred to me then that it might be instructive to think of the Suoni Per Il Popolo avant-garde music festival as a litmus test to see just how much crazy you've got in you.

Or maybe, more to the point, what kind of crazy. The thing with a musician like Ribot -- who's worked with Elvis Costello and Tom Waits, recorded an album of Haitian classical music, and pushed the boundaries of avant-garde jazz both with John Zorn and The Lounge Lizards -- is that you never know what you're going to get when he steps on stage. On one hand, that makes Ribot perfect for the festival. On the other, your taste for hip-jiggling Cuban music will probably be ignored. (I knew Ribot from his albums Y Los Cubanos Postizos and Muy Divertido, which are, just as the second title suggests, pure fun.)

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Rocking Out at Allez Up

Posted by Jade / May 29, 2007

28052007allezup.jpgI‚??ve had dreams of shimmying fearlessly up walls Spider Man-style, all lithe and gravity-defying. So when my boyfriend asked if I wanted to try rock-climbing, I had to say yes: what better way to kick off the summer than to become your very own Blockbuster movie?

We chose Allez Up Climbing Gym to learn the ropes of rock-climbing. The $45.00 ‚??Learn to Climb and Belay‚?Ě course offered there showed us the ins and outs of rock-climbing safety: equipment use, knot-tying, belaying, climbing techniques, and (my favorite) falling. Basically, the two-hour lesson gives the rock-climbing neophyte all the tools she needs to get started up the 14.5-metre walls (but with no guarantees that she‚??ll reach the top, as I quickly discovered).

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Zeke's Gallery headed to court

Posted by Jade / May 18, 2007


Zeke‚??s Gallery is being dragged to court over a blog post. Mr. Pierre-Antoine Tremblay, an art agent accused of fraud, claims that this post put up by the gallery‚??s blog is libelous. Not only does Mr. Tremblay want the website shut down immediately, he also demands of Zeke‚??s $25,000 in damages (check out a copy of the injunction at Zeke's Gallery, 3955 St. Laurent).

A cease-and-desist letter sent out April 10th led Chris Hand, owner of Zeke‚??s Gallery, to believe that the use of a vague personal pronoun was at the heart of the controversy. He clarified the blog post, but then was hit with a second cease-and-desist just one week later. The injunction comes apparently in response to Zeke‚??s refusal to take the blog post down all together.

Are blogs like newspapers? Should they be held accountable for the veracity of their content‚??or, as in this case, responsible for checking the veracity of all the content that they link to? Or should personal blogs be considered, well, just that: personal.

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Party Artsy at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Posted by Jade / May 9, 2007

09052007shoes.jpgI‚??ve always imagined that some fine evening I would find myself sipping wine while contemplating Picassos and C√©zannes. I just never thought that this particular evening would be do-able before age 40 without some sort of high-paying, stuffy job.

Le Musée des Beaux-Arts has sympathy for us waitresses/dishwashers/students/bloggers out there. Tomorrow night starting at 5:30 p.m., the Museum, in conjunction with Nightlife Magazine, is opening its doors for its free 5 to 7 event. This means free access to the contemporary art space, two free drinks offered by Neige and Fortant, free music provided by DJ Janek Bishop, and free crackers (dinner, anyone?). Plus, you can get $5 off admission to the excellent Once Upon a Time Walt Disney special exhibit.

R.S.V.P. to get in by emailing your name and number of people accompanying you to The event takes place in the Verrière of the Museum, on the third floor.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
1379 Sherbrooke Street Pavilion
(514) 285-2000

Photograph from the Midnight Poutine flickr pool,taken by Primo Calabrese.

Which came first, the chicken or the Ovarium?

Posted by Jade / April 27, 2007


Little eggs sitting in an ovary‚??it‚??s just not a particularly comforting or appealing image to me. But, at the insistence of my mother visiting from out of town, I found myself accompanying her to Ovarium, nervously awaiting my turn in the salty egg‚??sorry, I mean, floatation bath.

While Ovarium, a day spa in Beaubien, offers other services such as massage and Pulsar (pulsing lights shot into your eyes, making for improved learning or relaxation‚??call me a skeptic...), the floatation bath is the spa‚??s centerpiece. Here is the basic idea: you climb into a capsule containing salted water, allowing you to float. Then, you keep floating, for 55 minutes in fact, which allows you to reach a profoundly deep state of relaxation.

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Junior Boys, Russian Futurists @ Sala Rossa, 7/04

Posted by Jade / April 8, 2007

A person shouldn‚??t gush over a concert. Gushing crosses the line from reviewer to fan, but here I am, gushing. That‚??s how good Junior Boys was; they made a fan out of me.

I kept writing adjectives down in my notebook, trying to capture the feel of the evening in a couple of key words. And then I would cross it all out again as the Boys caught me off-guard with each new song (sometimes within the song). I look at my notes now: Dance-y (crossed out). Atmospheric (crossed out). Uplifting (crossed out). Soporific (crossed out). Pop Pop Pop (crossed out).

Finally something that sticks, scribbled down by a friend at the concert with me: best of the 80‚??s made new all over again.

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