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Gotta Hab it?

Posted by Jeff / December 4, 2009

20091204_habs.jpgThe cherry on top of the Montreal Canadiens' five year series of 100th anniversary celebrations is today, culminating with the team's Centennial Game against the Bruins, tonight at the Bell Centre. The 100-year-old hockey club kicked off the party on November 12, 2005, retiring Dickie Moore and Yvan Cournoyer's legendary No. 12 in a ceremony in Montreal. Since then, fellow Hall-of-Famers Bernard "Boom Boom" Geoffrion (5), Serge Savard (18), Ken Dryden (29), Larry Robinson (19), Bob Gainey (23) and Patrick Roy (33) also looked on as the jerseys they made famous were sent to the Bell Centre rafters. Plaza's were built, statues were erected, and a movie was produced; all in the glory of the beloved Montreal Canadiens.

Surely fans will be talking all day, and for a day or two afterward, about tonight's Centennial Game. It's safe to say the players and management, riding a four-game losing streak, feel their collars a wee bit tight to deliver something special on the ice, following a protracted pregame tribute to a century of hockey.

There are many YouTube video tributes to the Habs. Do not miss this one. It's inspiring. Share your thoughts on the Habs, past present or what you think the future might hold. Go Habs Go.

Kicking it @ The Paper Apartment Gallery with H2L & FF

Posted by Jeff / November 30, 2009

20091130_FF_art2.jpg French Fourch and H2L "kicked" off a new astonishing exhibition based on Hip-Hop at the Paper Apartment Gallery (3655 St Laurent, suite #206) last Friday. Throughout the opening night of sipping PBR's and listening to some sweet rhymes. The art installations really reflected the groups almost innocent desire to speak about Hip-Hop and its influence on post-teenage minds with a fun approach. The art ranged from paintings, drawings, installations, books, shirts, and even a free "tag" wall. Guests were invited to mark there spot on the white wall. All items seemed to have this overlapping concept to some of the kings of the genre of Hip hop; which matched the crowds excitement. All while the beat pumping out of the boom box from those kings.

The crews were made up as follows: H2L (Karmen Mantha and Emilio Esteban) and French Fourch (Maxime Francout, Adrien Baudet and Sylvain Martet). Who can all seem to speak about the music and art scene in a fun clever english/french Montreal kind of way. Having been spotted in other local events as well. The idea of music supporting art is to shed the light of the artistic talent these guys are pushing. If your're wondering how to get a glimpse of this latest installation, click on the link below for a slideshow of the art and for more details.

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CONTEST: Win A Pair of Tickets | Peter Bjorn & John

Posted by Jeff / April 21, 2009

Hey all, Spring has arrived and that means MP wants to give you a chance to win tickets. Peter Bjorn and John return to Montreal Monday, April, 27th @ Le National. They are currently on tour promoting their new album Living Thing. Brooklyn,NY based group Chairlift is on tour with them and have a sound worth checking out so be sure to get to the show on time. Upon doing research I found the Consulate General of Sweden states are the third biggest exporter of music in the world. [after the USA and the UK.]

To win the pair of tickets: first person to post 3 different Swedish band music video's wins.
(Can't use PBJ)

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Morning Brew: March 31, 2009

Posted by Jeff / March 31, 2009

Fresh brewed news for Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You left your bike out all winter. The chain dissolved, a snow plow chewed up the wheels and somebody stole the saddle. What to do? A Gazette blog named "ON TWO WHEELS" does a great job in providing info regarding getting started on bicycles and info on cycling in Montreal.

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World Pillow Fight Day - Montreal Edition

Posted by Jeff / March 27, 2009

20090327_World Pillow Fight Day.jpg
On Saturday, April 4th, 2009, there will be massive pillow fights in cities around the world! Pillows will fly and teddies soar in a giant urban pillow fight, and Montreal is participating this year. Want in? Just facebook search World Pillow Fight Day There is an event page. what could be that fateful day

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New Soul Brother | Raphael Saadiq @ Cabaret du Musee Juste Pour Rire

Posted by Jeff / March 19, 2009

Raphael Saadiq has always kept the faith--especially when labels told him there was no place in today's music for his stylish, '50s-inspired solo album, "The Way I See It." Taking the stage in a suit and glasses that echoed Temptation David Ruffin, Saadiq strapped on a white Telecaster(guitar) as his six-piece band vamped over a groove that sounded like a Motown backing track. The sound, vibrancy, and coordination of this performance was electrifying down to every shu--whop. If anyone is going to bring back soul to the main stream, Raphael is our man. It's clear Saadiq lives it, breathes it and really wants to share Motown flavor - both with older audiences who grew up listening to the now-vintage sounds and younger fans. Saadiq's simplistic Motown approach reminds me that love songs can be touching in a clean, wholesome way. "Love That Girl" and "Sure Hope You Mean It" were heartfelt and welcomed takes on what love really feels like. Instead of today's R-rated shitty R&B where so-called "love" is what you find in da club, and R-Kelly is king - blah!. So if your looking for new soul; the way it was supposed to sound, listen to Saadiq.
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