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Crafty Holidays: Cookie Jar Gifts

Posted by Katherine / December 7, 2013


Christmas lights are on, festive music is playing everywhere and coffee shops are serving seasonal drinks. It's that time again! Save yourself the hassle of shopping and screw capitalism! Here's a simple gift idea you can prepare yourself.

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Creativity Through Reuse

Posted by Katherine / October 27, 2013

Let's say you're walking down a street, you spot some old wood left out by the trash, and you feel it could be given a second life in the right hands - but that you don't necessary have the space or skills for it. What do you do, and how can you share this information with others? Trashswag, a small Canadian start up, allows you to map pictures of valuable trash and to share them on their website and mobile application. The site has been designed to help artists and other creative minds with an interest in upcycling and reuse to easily share the location of unique and aged materials found in the streets. The primary goal of trashswag is to help people to find free objects to make cool projects, it is based on the idea crowdsourcing, or in this case, crowd-mapping.

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Burger Week in Review: Blackstrap BBQ, Depanneur Le Pick Up, Les Enfants Terribles

Posted by Katherine / September 12, 2013

IMG_0079.JPGThough Montreal's second annual burger week is now over, I want to reminisce about how much I loved exploring the burgers of this city. It was awesome to see how three Montreal restaurants dressed up their burgers differently for Le Burger Week.

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Burger Showdown: Lola Rosa

Posted by Katherine / September 3, 2013

IMG_0062.JPGBurger purists often sneer at vegetarians; "How good can a veggie burger actually be?" Lola Rosa's entry for LBW gives meat a run for its money!

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Kem Coba: A Fresh Scoop of Happiness

Posted by Katherine / August 26, 2013


What's not to like about ice cream? With the last days of summer coming on fast, why not enjoy one final scoop at this Mile-End gem? We got to chat with the owners about their passion for frozen treats...

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A walk into Montreal's public markets

Posted by Katherine / May 20, 2013


Montreal in the Summer is an awesome place to be. From the many festivals that bring our city to life, to the outdoor activities that give us the opportunity to take advantage of our green spaces; Montreal transforms itself into a desirable island with an infinite list of activities to make our days brighter. One of my favourite things to do during the warm months is to explore our public food markets.

Montreal is home to four public markets; Jean-Talon, Atwater, Maisonneuve, Lachine. Each is strategically located in a different area of the island. There are also 11 neighborhood markets and flower kiosks that are open to the public throughout the city.

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