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Finally! Ramen in Montreal @ Ramen-Ya

Posted by Kim / September 26, 2008

20080924_ramen7.jpgRamen-Ya is a relative newcomer to St-Laurent in the Plateau, and I certainly hope it‚??s a restaurant that‚??s here to stay for a long time. I recently had one of the best (and most affordable!) lunches there than I‚??ve had in a long time, and I am looking forward to eating there on a regular basis.

Ramen-Ya is a small resto, with only a few tables and benches at the bar. However, it‚??s clean, sleek and tastefully decorated, and a lovely place to sit down and have a meal. The star of the place is their ramen soup, which is not to be confused with the insane amount of pho that is available in this city; no, the ramen soup here is lighter, less greasy, fresher and filled with ramen noodles.

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More Pizza Love: Miteras Pizzeria

Posted by Kim / September 9, 2008

20080909_miteras5.jpgJust in case there was a doubt in anyone‚??s mind, I love pizza. I would apologize for the amount of pizza reviews I do, but I have a feeling most people also love pizza. As much as I appreciate a nice, light, Italian-style thin crust pizza, my real indulgent passion is the Greek-style, thick-crusted, slathered in heavy layers of cheese kind of pizza. As such, I am always looking for the best place in town for this type of pizza. When I heard of Miteras Pizzeria, it didn‚??t take me long to have two of their pizza pies delivered to my house.

Though the customer service on the phone was somewhat lacking in politeness, the pizza that arrived at my door made up for it in its sheer weight alone. Two medium pizza pies have never weighed so much.

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Back to Breakfast @ Place Milton

Posted by Kim / August 28, 2008

20080827_placemilton1.jpgBefore university students flock back to classes, I managed to squeeze in a visit to one of the more popular breakfast joints in town. Place Milton, in the heart of the McGill ghetto, often sees lines on Saturday and Sunday mornings that puts Schwartz‚??s to shame, and mostly for good reason. The breakfasts here are filling, cheap, and perhaps most importantly, perfectly delicious.

I used to order a standard two eggs with ham, which comes with toast, potatoes and coffee. This time, I skipped that in favour of the ham and cheese stuffed French toast, and while this wouldn‚??t be a permanent order of mine, it was a nice change! The great abundance of cheese just oozed out of the sandwich, melted into salty ham. With a healthy dose of table syrup (real maple syrup costs extra), this savoury-sweet meal was a wonderful morning treat.

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Main Madness! August 21st - 24th: The Food Edition

Posted by Kim / August 21, 2008

20080626_mainmadness1.jpgMain Madness, aka Frénésie de la "Main", falls upon St-Laurent again this weekend. It does sadden me; this second street sale tradition beckons the return of autumn. But then I think about the great food and somewhat great bargains I will be enjoying all weekend, and I start to love it a little more.

There is a plethora of chow mein dealers out and about, ranging from $2.00 - $3.00. Beware though, not all chow mein is created equal! Ignore th sellers who don't consider it worth their while to throw in at least a handful of bean good as chow mein is, it can not exist on noodles alone.

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A Little Taste of Euro-Deli

Posted by Kim / August 14, 2008

20080814_eurodeli1.jpgIt‚??s no hidden gem, but I get the feeling that people may be passing Euro-Deli by out of fear that it‚??s your average, if not sub-par, cheap pizza slice place. If you are one of those, this one‚??s for you! Euro-Deli is no 4-star resto, but offers up some of the best cheap grub I‚??ve come across in a long time.

First of all, the pizza! It is leaps and bounds above the quality of pizza slices offered in the same price bracket; consistently fresh, with a thin crust and a perfect amount of cheese to make it just oily enough to still be considered junk food. Most of the time, our order consists of the cheese slice, but when they have other toppings available, they look very promising. In the mood for something a little different last time, we got the slice smothered in pesto, which added a real kick to an already fine slice of pizza.

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Osheaga's Port-a-Potties

Posted by Kim / August 7, 2008

20080805_portapotties2.jpgMy fellow Midnight Poutiners are very talented music writers. Unfortunately, I am not in their ranks - with no musical talent whatsoever, I am hesitant to write about any of Osheaga's musical acts. I was also unwilling to spend big bucks on any of the food offered (though La Chilenta and Afrobytes made the food offerings interesting), so instead, I bring you one of the main attractions: the port-a-potties.

Though we've already informed of the wi-fi toliets, there is still plenty to be discussed. I offer up the nitty-gritty of having to pee at a large-scale music festival.

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