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Mutek 2013 Day 3: Photo Recap

Posted by Luc / June 1, 2013

mutek day 3 139 Onra.JPG

Mutek 3 day. Yesterday I caught MacGuffin at Experience 3, followed by Boundary, EmptySet, Jon Hopkins, Onra, Robert Hood and Graze at Nocturne 3. I also caught a part of the art project Les Emballs. What I missed: A/VISION 3, Play 3, and Dromos ( is the last day!).

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Mutek 2013 Day 2: Photo Recap

Posted by Luc / May 31, 2013

mutek day 2 161 Jamie Lidell.JPG

I finally made it out to Mutek last night and caught the second half of A/Visions 2 + a good chunk of Nocturne 2. What I (regrettably) missed: the panels, projections, and Dromos. The people watching outside of la SAT was pretty great though. Check back tomorrow for a more extensive Day 3 Recap!

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Groove until sunrise: Mutek 2013 PREVIEW

Posted by Luc / May 29, 2013

Mutek returns for its 14th year, and promises another 5 days full of lights, sounds, displays, experiences, and above all else, music. Officially, it's known as the International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music.

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THIS FRIDAY: Reality TV meets Performance Art in battle of personalities

Posted by Luc / December 1, 2011

20111201_mmpix_MAPep3.jpgIt's tough to try and find the right words to promote something with 'Reality TV' in the description without giving off those same really awful vibes I feel when someone mentions Jersey Shore. And yet the latest project from Montreal live art collective MAP (Mind, Action, and Personality) has inspired me to write something quite positive about the Third Episode of their reality-tv series (named MAP: Season One), showing this Friday @ the Mainline Theatre at 9:00pm.

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ANIMAZE - A film festival of rare gems

Posted by Luc / November 25, 2011

20111125_mmpix_redline.jpgFresh off her recent stint with En Masse at Nuit Blanche 2011, Midnight Poutine Guest contributor Cheryl Voisine is back in town and out to cover what's good in the Montreal Art Scene. Last weekend, she set out to cover the first ever ANIMAZE festival, and this is how she felt about it.

The more I think about Animaze, the more I wonder why it took so long for someone to arrive at the concept. As children, we loved animation, thrived on it, learned valuable life lessons through it. But somehow along the path to adulthood most of us left it behind. The festival itself is designed to reignite our passion by unveiling the grittier, sexier, and more intricate side of modern adult animation. Animaze was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see animations that are hard to come by in North America, and may never be shown again in theatres.

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Point St. Charles is former 'Canada's toughest neighborhood' in new book

Posted by Luc / November 22, 2011

20111120_mmpix_withaclosedfist.jpgJust three shorts month ago I moved to Point St. Charles, the mysterious neighbourhood bordering Verdun and St. Henri. I say mysterious because as a non-Montreal native, I literally knew nothing about the area (other than the rent is insanely cheap, hence my decision to move there). After some Wikipedia articles and some bike rides, I discovered The Point to be a lot like it's neighbouring boroughs; very pretty, very quiet, and sometimes kind of unsafe looking.

In comes the announcement for a book launch on my RSS feed for Kathy Dobson's first novel, With a Closed Fist: Growing up in Canada's toughest neighbourhood, a book promising to details life in The Point back in it's blue collar Irish class days. Eager to learn about my new surroundings, I gave it a shot.

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