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The Life of CNR

Posted by Melanie / April 6, 2008

"The cliché goes that truth is stranger than fiction. In this case, it is also funnier and more heartbreaking." The Life of Charles Nelson Reilly commemorates one man's fascinating life and incredibly random career.

Understudy to Dick Van Dyke and famed for his role in 'How To Succeed In Business without Really Trying', Reilly appeared in everything from 'The Doris Day Show' to 'Family Matters'.

Incredibly interesting and entertaining! Playing now at the AMC.

Nothing Beats Rock

Posted by Melanie / March 25, 2008

I have this awkward conviction that I am unbeatable at rock, paper, scissors. I get into this weird state of mind everytime I play where I feel positive I know what the other person's going to choose. Even when I lose, I feel knew I was going to... More interestingly, Cinema du Parc will be playing Tim Doiron and April Mullen's Rock, Paper, Scissors:The Way of the Tosser tomorrow evening (March 26th, 9:30pm). Content aside, I can't imagine it not being hilarious based on the promo pic alone: the suspenders, the short-shorts, the man wearing a viking hat... Awarded best Canadian Feature (and Audience Award) at the Edmonton Film Festival as well as Audience Top Pick at the Cambridge Film Festival.

Trailer and details here.

Retro Kitsch Party

Posted by Melanie / March 16, 2008

I've been seriously considering refurnishing my place completely with plastic-blow up furniture, but I have this fear no one will appreciate or 'get' it. That being said, DJ XL5 has put together various clips celebrating kitsch, tackiness and all things ridiculous. Running March 21-25th, Cinema du Parc will be featuring Retro Kitsch Party for anyone feeling nostalgic, ironic or any level of pretension (E.g. people who genuinely like Elvis movies, people who like Elvis movies ironically, and people who get a kick out of making fun of something).

Details here.

Robert Wilson: Video Portraits

Posted by Melanie / March 13, 2008


CONFESSION: Macaulay Culkin excites me to no end. Eagerly awaiting Robert Wilson: Video Portraits tomorrow night- a range of video portraits of various stars ranging from princesses to Nobel Prize winners and of course, the ultimate child star himself. I am excited for two reasons:

1) I find Macaulay Culkin particularly fascinating; He is regarded as a bit of a freak, despite that he has never done anything desperate or ??washed up??. He was someone who had fame forced on him at such a young age that he grew to be somewhat of a recluse, only appearing in extremely random and interesting films where his presence becomes an added bonus. While other actors waste much effort trying to aquite fame, Culkin simutaneously benefits and suffers from living a life destined by it. He could live in a cave for the next sixty years and we would still remember his Home Alone face.

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Heath Ledger Tribute

Posted by Melanie / March 7, 2008

Cinema du Parc will be offering a tribute to the recently deceased Heath Ledger, next Wednesday March 12th. They will be paying honour to the late and talented actor by playing the Oscar nominated film Brokeback Mountain as well as Candy, a film previously unreleased in theaters. Candy tells the love story of an Austrailian poet and an art student as they are dramatically changed by addiction.

Details here.

Won't you be, my 'Gay'bour..

Posted by Melanie / March 1, 2008

Meeting celebrities can be disappointing, especially when they're not really celebrities, just people that are on T.V. more than you are. I did however, have the pleasure of meeting the ever-likeable Trevor Boris of Much Music last night. Headlining at the Comedy Nest (last show tonight) and living the Canadian dream: a gay farmer from Winnipeg who grew into an up-and-coming comedian in Toronto that would eventually co-write the Junos.

To be honest he was really the only person who wasn't absolutely terrible. There was a point where I grew tired of laughing politely and felt like the host was really draining my positive energy.

There was a really funny part of his bit where he comments on how creepy the 'Missed Connections' section of Craiglist is. I consider myself a romantic, but this is something that only works in theory. In real life it's completely terrifying. As if life wasn't hard enough, I have to worry about someone on the Metro following me around.
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