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Morning Brew: October 15, 2008

Posted by Michael / October 15, 2008

2008_10_15_untitled.jpgPhot: Untitled courtesy of purelikegoldddfrom the Midnight Poutine Flickr Pool

Your morning news roundup for Wednesday October 15th, 2008

Harper is happy. He didn't get a majority but he strengthened his minority government, making considerable gains in Ontario and British Columbia. In the east, the Tories were booted out of Newfoundland, loosing three seats in the province. In Quebec, Harper held onto his ten seats. The Liberals were the party who lost out, with 19 fewer seats than before, some going to the NDP, others to the Conservatives. Layton was jubillant, gaining 8 seats last night. Elizabeth May was unfortunately defeated by a large margin in Central Nova. Quebec gave the block one more seat for a total of 50.

Nashwan Abdullah, who was shot by police last week in St. Michel, claims he did nothing wrong that day. He now faces additional charges, issued yesterday. This adds to a list that already includes attempted murder, drug possession, criminal harassment, uttering death threats and mischief. According to police, he was shot in the abdomen after pepper spray failed to subdue him.

Thin models on Quebec runways and in magazine spreads could be banned if Christine St. Pierre, the Provincial Minister in charge of the status of women in Quebec manages to garner enough support. With fashion week arriving in Montreal, she is planning to rally against ultra-thin models.

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Morning Brew: October 8, 2008

Posted by Michael / October 8, 2008

2008_10_08_08_untitled.jpgPhoto: Untitled courtesy of Michel Filion from the Midnightpoutine Flickr Pool

Your morning news roundup for Wednesday October 8, 2008

It still sticks, no more Grand Prix in Montreal. The decision was made yesterday by top officials and Roger Peart from FIA said that "it's pretty much a done deal." Norman Legault, President of GPC (Grand Prix of Canada), said that his organization was as surprised as anyone else, hearing the news via the media. A FIA press conference today could explain why the event was dropped, but speculation and common sense peg this as a economical issue. Despite the fact that Montreal spent 5.5 million dollars in renovations last year, the new track in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (it is the circuit's new stop) is worth 400 million and promises to be the most unique. It looks as though the F1 market in North America is dead. Maybe it's because of our tight laws on cigarette advertising.

Joel Ifergan know what a difference seven seconds can be. It was the difference between having 13.5 million dollar winning loto ticket and having a lottery ticket with last week's winning numbers. The D.D.O. resident bought two tickets from a dep, one was validly printed before the 9:00 pm deadline, but the winning ticket was seven seconds late. Apparently it's the printer's fault, the machine was experienceing delays. He's suing Loto-Quebec

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Morning Brew: Octobet 1st, 2008

Posted by Michael / October 1, 2008

2008_10_01_first_warm_day.jpgPhoto: First Warm Day in Montreal courtesy of Kate Savage from the Midnight Poutine Flickr Pool.

Your morning news roundup for Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

If you haven't heard, the French-language leaders debate is tonight. Elizabeth May will be there, but you can be sure most of the focus will be on neck-and-neck contenders Steven Harper and Gilles Duceppe. The debate will be centered around the economy, admist fears of a spill-over recession from the States.

Premier Jean Charest believes in you and me, our financial situation despite the land of the free. He says our "institution are solid" and we are better adapted to dealing with acute financial woes. Jean-Luc Trahan, representing Quebec's manufacturer's retorted with this question: 'what about the fact that 75% of manufactured goods produced here go to the states?'. Alarm bells indeed.

Raccoon rabies: it's close to Montreal and it could spread to your dog, to your to cat, and then to you, human!

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Morning Brew: September 30, 2008

Posted by Michael / September 26, 2008

2008_09_25_in_and_of_the.jpgPhoto: of and in of the neighborhood itself by greynotgrey courtesy of the Midnight Poutine Flickr Pool.

The morning news in a fresh brew for Friday, September 26 2008:

Gilles Duceppe likened Harper's proposed squeezedown on tough crime to throwing 'fresh meat' in our prisons. Harper asked him to retract this 'extreme and irresponsible' statement. Duceppe won't. Since this, his party is up in the polls at mainly the Torie's expense. Harper's proposals may have the province scared over a possible Torie majority.

Jean Charest says there is no recession on Quebec's horizon. Despite slowdowns in exports to the ailed US, our real-estate market holds strong and our banks aren't locked in high-risk investments.

The Montreal police have surpassed the limits of garrish, unfashionable pressure tactics by wearing camouflage pants. The pants are meant to protest the forces's lack of contract, but camo may send the wrong message to immigrants who come from totalitarian regimes according to police chief Yvan Delorme. The city has taken measures to intervene and put an end to the camo.

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Morning Brew: September 24, 2008

Posted by Michael / September 24, 2008

2008_24_09_08_noname.jpgThis unnamed photo was courtesy of kimberley blue from the Midnight Poutine flickr pool.

Your morning cup-o-brew news roundup for Wednesday, September 24, 2008.

Jack Layton and Gilles Ducceppe used a rock show last night as the backdrop for their announcements in support of Quebec arts and their discontent with the Conservative's 45 million dollar cuts to culture funding. Layton launched a new attack ad calling the Tories Conserva-tueur de la culture . Clever and petty, Harper answered back by saying this shows the 'extreme' side of the NDP'. Dion got in on the action by saying "there's no strong economy without a strong artistic community". Harper coyly said in return that the Libs "go around the country making all these great promises". Harper is so quick on his pragmatic rebuttals it's no wonder he's controlling the election narrative. I wanna know who's in his war room.

Energy drinks are like the new cigarettes for kids. With caffeine levels sometimes up as high a the equivalent of ten cups of joe, who can resist those stimulating jitters? Scientists have gone and done it, they raised red flags about the consumption of the relatively new and insanely popular drinks. For real, the stuff is selling like crack (906 million gallons in 2006). Caffeine levels in each product vary, sometimes are unstated, and can cause intoxication due to 'overdose symptomatology' especially in those not used to caffeine. For a list of caffeine content in energy drinks, check the above link.

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Morning Brew: September 17, 2008

Posted by Michael / September 17, 2008

20080917_tetecarre.jpgPhoto: "No mean dogs" courtesy of chuck.bergeron from the Midnight Poutine Flickr pool

Your sunny mid-morning news roundup for September 17, 2008:

Add this one to your election vocab: Harpernomics. The liberals have shifted their platform and are on the attack. Liberal MP Bob Rea accused Harper of mismanaging our economy, wasting away are once 13 billion dollar surplus (now next to zilch), and denying a recession. "This is not a time for private economic theories", according to Rea. Party leader Stephane Dion may have been overshadowed by Rea's comments, but the Liberals seem to be playing up a platform of teamwork vs. Harper's one-man-in-front style.

Quebec: the doctor won't see you now. A lack of family physicians is the primary reason why we fare third-worst in a provincial health-care study. Only 74% of Quebecers have a family doctor compared to a national average of 85%. In fact we are a whole 7% behind the next worse province - putting us in dead last (please, no pun intended) Also, we have the highest rates of hospital-borne infection "by a large margin" according to the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

Plastic containers with bisphenol-A are linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes - even at 'real life' levels. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, adults with higher amounts a BPA showed a three times greater chance of heart problems and a nearly three times greater chance of diabetes type two. 90% of Americans contain traces of BPA.

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