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Film Review: Saving Mr. Banks

Posted by Nicole Y. / December 20, 2013

Have you ever wondered how the magic of Mary Poppins started? Any fan of the musical created almost 50 years ago is interested in knowing how the story came to be! The film premiered on December 12 and was officially released in theaters on December 20.

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Film Review: Azul Y No Tan Rosa (Blue and Not So Pink)

Posted by Nicole Y. / December 12, 2013

The expression "I'm feeling blue" usually implies a feeling of sadness. This Venezuelan movie shows the hardship of living as a homosexual. It played at Image+nation on December 8, 2013 and won the Award for Best Feature.

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Montreal's First Burmese Restaurant Is a Gem

Posted by Nicole Y. / December 1, 2013

Montreal's freezing winters always put me in the mood for a spicy curry. Ruby Burma hits the spot.

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