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The Black Angels @ The Main Hall, 11/04

Posted by Nika / April 12, 2007


As soon as the piped-in music faded and gave way to the 6 man outfit on stage at the Main Hall last night, the droning started. No, no, not droning from the crowd, but the drone created by Jennifer Raines keyboards, affectionately credited as ‚??the drone machine‚?Ě. It filled the hall and stuck with us until the last psychedelic, buzzed-out note of the closing song. When the droning finally ended, it was kind of sad ‚??cause you kind of really dug it.

If you don‚??t already know about the Black Angels, their Velvet Underground affliction (the band name actually was ripped straight from VU‚??s song ‚??Black Angel's Death Song‚?Ě) and their knack for flat‚??out paranoid psych-rock, you‚??d be hard up to grasp the concept that these far-left brooding tripsters are from Texas. But remember, Roky Erikson was from Austin too and their hood in East Austin can be quite sketchy.

Pic taken by the author in front of the Black Angel's haunted house in East Austin

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Crow Face @ L'Escogriffe - Saturday February 10th

Posted by Nika / February 9, 2007


That reggae bar may have not been the ideal place for a home grown rock band like Crow Face to play, considering that the staff kept coming over during their set to tell them to turn it down. The nerve. No worries though, band members Martin Lavallée, Mauro Pezzente, Marc Montanchez have set to play their collective asses off with a slew of upcoming shows around town this month.

Your mission, reader? Read this interview with singer/guitarist Marc Montachez from Crow Face, learn something new and go out to see at least one of their shows. You just may be taking part of the beginnings of something to write home about.

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Chariot of Shame @ Petit Campus ‚?? TONIGHT

Posted by Nika / January 20, 2007


Chariot of Shame (awesome name, makes me want to cry) will be first on stage tonight at the Petit Campus on Prince Arthur and promises to warm up that sad, neglected rocker in you. It‚??s been cold outside, you need some warmth.

No stranger to poutines, this band has actually invented two poutines at the Montreal Pool Room: The Jackpot (with lil bits of deep fried hotdog) and The Catastrophe (deep fried hotdog bits, hot peppers, onions and cabbage). I await your reviews and comments.

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The Corduroys @ Main Hall - Thursday 9:30pm

Posted by Nika / January 11, 2007


Now personally, I‚??ve seen the name ‚??The Corduroys‚?Ě on a jillion Montreal show posters over the last few years. Who exactly is this band? Do they actually wear the fuzzy, linear fabric on stage? Are they soft and dated? Do they make a zwip-zwip sound when they walk? Let‚??s find out.

Who are the Corduroys?
The only thing permanent about their line-up is the ongoing couple at the head of the band, Danielle and Matthew. Ok, truth be told, Justin, the drummer, has also been a long-time member (but love stories are just so much cuter). Fans take note: the trio has finally found themselves a bassist, Ryan, and for the first time since their conception, Danielle won‚??t be playing the hand bass.

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Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump @ Divan Orange - Friday 10pm

Posted by Nika / January 5, 2007


About 2 years ago, Montreal was blessed (and some argue cursed) with being recognized as the hottest new musical city in North America. Like magic, the music media pricked up their ears and tuned their receivers to all that is Montreal, allowing indie rockers like Arcade Fire, Stars, Wolf Parade and The Dears to get noticed and to make waves on the international plane.

Now before some music snob tries to start a debate in the comments section about the validity of the local music scene, I‚??d like to point out that this intense media attention has gone a long way in encouraging Montreal musicians to get their shit together, record their EPs, play shows and renew their faith in making it big.

So I‚??m going to start introducing you, savvy readers, to the lesser-known musical bunch of Montreal, familiarize you all with those mysterious band names you see plastered on every post up and down St-Laurent and get you out to those shows to support our rock and roll brethren.

Coming up this Friday January 5th at the Divan Orange we have locals Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, a stripped down rock trio with a sense of humour.

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They're back! A rambling interview with The Grates

Posted by Nika / November 30, 2006

enjoy this slightly off-synch video from CdG

Has November whipped you into grey submission? Are you about ready to slay the next person that accidentally grazes you on your metro ride home? Are you seriously thinking of starting a Xanax regimen? Contemplating light therapy?

Like most sites on the innernut, Midnight Poutine does not have the proper acceditation to suggest an antidote to your waning sanity. But take it from someone with full credits in Rock Therapy: this Saturday will make you smile. Australian bounce-rockers, The Grates will be headlining (instead of opening) at the Main Hall with openers The Life and Times and Bad Flirt.

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