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DJ FOOD has bite...hmmm, tasty...

Posted by Omar / June 18, 2007

Around the time I first got into DJ Food, the buzz word on everyone's lips was 'trip hop.' The album I listened to, Recipe for Disaster was being hailed as a funky exemplar of the genre. It was serious music for the groove inclined.

But standing close to a stack of speakers at Le National yesterday, during the DJ Food & DK Solid Steel show, I started rethinking that label. Perched on the Amplifiers were a bunch of beer bottles that one by one started crashing to the floor as the vibrations bounced around the room. Fuck trip hop. DJ Food has bite.

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Lavender Diamond@Sala Rosa 05/31/07

Posted by Omar / June 1, 2007


Illustration of Lavender Diamond from free comic book handed out at the show.

Risking getting too personal with the readership of Midnight Poutine, I reveal that I was in the emergency room twice this week with the horrific condition known as kidney stones. It was in excercise in ritual writhing, rocking back and forth and asking why God hates me. There might even have been about ten minutes or so where I spoke in'd have to ask Nurse Ratchet, I guess.

I disclose all this for one simple reason. The Lavender Diamond show at Sala Rosa last night, was the first time this week I cracked a smile.

It seemed destined to be a drab evening. It was low turn out. The crowd was sleepy. Poor scheduling meant that Lavender Diamond took stage around midnight. It was going to be a tough room for them. Almost as tough as passing a kidney stone, one might say.

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Out of Breath: Air@Metropolis

Posted by Omar / May 8, 2007

20070508_Air.jpgĂ?a aurait pu ĂȘtre bien meilleur, mais ça aurait pu aussi ĂȘtre bien pire. It could've been a lot better and it could've been a lot worse.

Considering that the dynamic duo known as Air, and the city they performed in on Sunday epitomize a French sensibility, I decided to honor this review with a bilingual opening. Regardez-moi, mama! J'écris le français! (Alright, I cheated and asked one of my co-workers to help me write it...)

Let me elaborate:

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Long Live Inland Empire!

Posted by Omar / May 3, 2007

Inland.jpgMan, am I excited. Excited, you say? What would get you so hot and bothered that you, possibly the most lethargic being in the Milky Way, would want to blog to your fellow Montrealers?

Finally, there exists the possibility of seeing a potentially great art film. How I envy the cinéphiles of the sixties, catching Godard's Alphaville one week, and then returning next week to see the premiere of Persona, with a midnight screening of El Topo, to boot.

Do you want to know what fine films I've seen in the last month? Reign Over Me, starring Adam Sandler. Admittedly I did tear up when Mr. Sandler talks about losing his wife and daughters on 9/11, but I felt some shame about it (my wife also insists that I feel more and more shame about it).

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Sparklehorse lacks Shine

Posted by Omar / February 28, 2007

20070228_setlist.jpgSo many Toronto uber-hipsters hailed Sparklehorse as the second coming of 90's music, that I decided, without really giving them a chance, that I'd rather hate them.

A few years ago, while lounging in a friend's bar, I heard some strange, spooky music that sounded like a music box on crack. In musical euphoria, I asked after the band...of course, the answer was Sparklehorse's It's a Wonderful Life. I began to love them.

I've got that album in my collection now, and I take it out on special days, along with other strange birds like Mark Hollis, Pharoah Sanders, or Swordfishtrombones by Tom Waits - who also happens to guest vocal on the occasional Sparklehorse song.

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Montreal kicks Oscar ass!

Posted by Omar / February 26, 2007

danishPoet.jpgIt's no secret to anyone who has ever seen Richard Condie's The Big Snit - "WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SHAKING YOUR EYES!" - that the NFB does do some great animation.

And moreover, Montreal in particular seems to have cornered the market on Best Animated Short at the Oscars. Ryan won a few years back, and Mr. Larkin himself was nominated all those years ago. Now we have Torill Kove's NFB/Norway co-production, The Danish Poet to add to our list.

The film is narrated by Liv Ullman, of Ingmar Bergman fame, and follows a poet named Kasper who travels to Norway to meet a famous writer.

CBC will broadcast the film on March 4th - so, set your vcr's and/or tivos and give a little love already.
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