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ATTENTION: changement d'adresse de dernière minute pour 'Secret Underground Warehouse Party' ce soir

Posted by Ralph / December 4, 2010

20101204-secret underground.jpg
DISCO VOLANTE 514 t'invite dans un lieu pas comme les autres, MAIS L'ADRESSE N'EST PLUS LA MĂ?ME. BLACK TIGER SEX MACHINE
CLIFFORD BROWN (Roux Soundsystem)
PANTON (Southern Fried Records)

22:00 au: 3816 St-Laurent (OUBLIEZ L'AUTRE ADRESSE!!!)

Facebook event:!/event.php?eid=114233061977921&index=1

photo via Disco Volante 514


The Aversions: Do You Remember Rock n Roll Radio (No, Sorry, I Don't)

Posted by Ralph / November 6, 2010

20101106-aversions.jpgIt's almost embarrassing to think that I've written so much on The Aversions in the past four years that I should get paid to do it again. Nevertheless, they keep on fascinating me. They're by far the worst example to follow when it comes to communication in between band members -you don't know anything about it unless you've spent more than an hour with all four of them in a clustered space.

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Pas Chic Chic: le cygne ne chantera pas...

Posted by Ralph / October 26, 2010

28-10-2010-paschichic.jpg Entre deux séances de chantage de bêtises, j'ai chanté les mérites de Pas Chic Chic, le groupe le plus important de la ville de Montréal depuis au moins cinq ans. J'ai chanté leurs mérites car ce qu'ils méritaient, ils ne l'ont jamais vraiment eu. Ils ont eu des couvertures de magazines, des articles dans les journaux, des participations à des festivals, des critiques élogieuses de la part de Julian Cope -le 'leader' de Teardrop Explodes, groupe britannique néo-psychédélique mythique dont je ne comprends pas encore la pertinence- et des participations à toutes sortes d'encans à bétail qui auraient supposément ramassés la crème de la crème des pousseux de crayons et des téteux de 5 à 7 qui s'éternisent en séances de masturbation mentale mutuelles et jubilatoires inspirées par l'appat du gain monaitaire, l'odeur de chair fraîche et le désir de saisir l'essence de sa génération par le fond de culotte.

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Next Music From Tokyo @ Lambi, Oct 19th

Posted by Ralph / October 18, 2010

Mass of the fermenting dregs Ever wondered why bands from Australia ranging from The Birthday Party and The Scientists to Rose Tattoo and ACDC were always such live sensations whenever they played out of their homeland? Well, pause for a second and picture yourself caught a zillion thousand miles away from Disneyland (not to mention EuroDisney) and surrounded by nothing but water and proto-juggalo creatures from lagoons unknown to most streetwalking bipeds.

If a + b = c, logic will challenge you to come up with a different answer than: buddy ol'pal, these guys had to be mindblowing just in order to hope to get out of butt-fudge nowhere and to tour shitty clubs in the Land of the Braves.

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Breaking into the 'In-Crowd' for Dummies...Tonight w/The American Devices, Futensil & Special Screening...

Posted by Ralph / July 3, 2010

20100703-devices.jpg Montreal's best kept secretion -The American Devices (who were around when debit cards didn't exist) - provides you with the opportunity to brag about about stuff and things tonight at l'Escogriffe. The very many year-old band will once again perform to an audience of connoiseurs and blasés old men with cigarette burns on their Hanoi Rocks sleeveless.

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Teenbeat Takeover Presents: Dexter Romweber @ Sala Rossa July 4th

Posted by Ralph / July 2, 2010

20100704-Dexter.jpg About a week ago, I was brutally awoken in the middle of a truly empowering dream in which my best friend and I were secret agents (or sociopaths in need of a good publicity stunt) on a mission to find a stolen Van Gogh (go figure...) in the basement of a posh sushi bar frequented by ''fat cats'' in zoot suits, who were about to get their cigar-garmented heads chopped off by our machetes and kung fu skills. Unfortunately, my cat stepped over my face and got me out of bed just in time to realize that 1) I had no machete...gee, I didn't even have pants on 2) I was supposed to have called Dexter Romweber an hour ago. I then proceeded to get some caffeine in my system, grabbed the phone and apologize for my lack of professionalism.

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